Krypton May Have Disproven Superman Grandmother Theory

A game-changing cliffhanger in Wednesday’s episode of Syfy’s Krypton may have disproven a theory about Superman’s heritage. The death of Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) would mean that a different character will become Superman’s grandmother.

Like FOX’s Gotham, the Superman prequel series dives deep into the mythos behind one of DC’s flagship heroes by exploring the people who play a role in his creation. As Krypton takes place 200 years before the era of the Man of Steel, the circumstances behind Superman’s birth remain ambiguous. Seeing how Seg-El’s journey will lead to the destruction of Krypton and the rise of Superman is one of the show’s biggest draws for DC fans.

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In Krypton season 2, episode 5, “A Better Yesterday”, Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham) threatens General Zod (Colin Salmon) with the life of his mother, Lyta, in order to bring an end to the civil war between Zod’s forces and the rebels. Zod agrees to her demands but secretly tries to deceive her. When this deception is discovered by Jax-Ur, she retaliates by slitting Lyta’s throat. The episode ended before her death can be confirmed.

There is ample reason to believe that Lyta will somehow survive. Though her situation is dire to say the least, it should be pointed out that if Lyta were to die, it would stand to reason for Zod to be erased from the timeline. Regardless, cast members have teased on Twitter that the show will never be the same again, which strengthens the case that Lyta-Zod is no more.

Lyta’s death would be a huge moment for the show, and not just because it will be followed by massive repercussions in regards to Seg (Cameron Cuffe), Zod, Jayna (Ann Ogbomo), and more. Her potential death could debunk one theory about Superman’s grandparents. For fans, Lyta and Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) are the two main candidates to be Superman’s paternal grandmother, since they’re both love interests of Seg, his grandfather. It’s already known that Seg and Lyta will have one child, Zod, which would at least make him Jor-El’s half-brother. It’s possible that Jor-El too is Lyta’s son, which would deepen the family ties between Superman and Zod.

It may not necessarily come as a surprise if Lyta isn’t Superman’s grandmother, since many believed that their forbidden romance was doomed to fail in the first place. In the years that follow, Seg could end up with Nyssa — or a completely different Kryptonian woman — and she could become the mother of Superman’s father, Jor-El.

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