Kylie Jenner Debuts Her New Short Look After Accidental Haircut

Kylie Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted her new short look after an accidental haircut. Jenner even posted a pic of herself on Instagram Stories while still in her smock.

Jenner is an active mom with a busy schedule, so shorter hair could actually be an asset for her. Many women do away with longer hairdos to simplify their lives or allow for better manageability. Ever since her daughter Stormi celebrated her 2nd birthday February 1, Jenner has been busy planning the party, as well as overseeing a product launch for Stormi’s eponymous cosmetics line. She also has a collaboration with her older sister Kendall that is slated to drop November 30. The haircut might make her feel less glamorous, but it could make her daily routine less taxing since styling and grooming would take less time and product to execute. There’s still no word on whether reported beau Travis Scott likes Jenner’s new haircut.

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The young mogul reportedly found herself on the receiving end of a super-short cut, that, judging from her expression, wasn’t her initial intention. Jenner’s hair typically falls below her shoulders, but is now framing her face just below her jawline. In her Instagram stories, she showcases the cut, with a stylist’s towel wrapped around her neck affixed with a clamp. Her super-short locks are still wet and tousled. Jenner’s caption of the haircut was the very definition of brevity: “@jesushair said he was giving me a trim and cut off all my hair.” She didn’t expound on the experience, but she did opt to decorate the black and white photo of her face and hair with a filter that enhanced her lucious lips and put cherries on her cheeks, check out the post (via @KylieSnapchat) below:

Kylie Jenner’s new haircut doesn’t look that much different from the blunt bob she’s sported in the past. It’s not even significantly shorter than her previous natural styles. Sure, it may have been concerning for her to go to her appointment with her hairstylist, requesting a trim and getting more cut than she anticipated. However, she looks just the same as she has in other pictures. Jenner has made her love of wigs and extensions known to her legions of fans, so she can always hide the unintended cut under a mermaid-colored lace-front, or a jet-black Bettie Page number.

Judging from the look on her face in the photo she posted on social media, she’s not feeling her new ‘do. However, this young business woman is effortlessly stylish, so if she gives it time, she’ll eventually rock this look with the fierce confidence she’s known for. The style has probably alrady begun to catch on with her followers as well as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians audience.

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Source: @KylieSnapchat

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