Law & Order: SVU – 10 Hilarious Memes That Will Make You Laugh

As of this writing, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is the longest-running network primetime drama on television. It’s been running longer than some of our readers have been alive, and despite its frequent cast changes, the show continues to perform well in the ratings.

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Naturally, SVU has attracted a massive fan base, some of whom show their support and love in less than conventional ways. Det. Amanda Rollins may have said that memes are cartoons for sad people who can’t draw, but we beg to differ. For instance, there is an entire category of memes dedicated to SVU. Here are 10 of our favorites.

10 Just Another Day in Central Park

Most fans miss Det. Stabler with a passion. Since leaving the show in 2011, there have been numerous petitions and Twitter hashtags to bring Elliot back, though it’s unlikely that’ll happen anytime soon. Some would even say the show was never the same since, and it’s easy to see why. Stabler was one of the original cast members, and his sudden and abrupt exit from the show left fans devastated.

So, until NBC decides to get their act together and bring Christopher Meloni back onboard, feast your eyes on Stabler’s form and dream about the romance with Benson that could’ve been.

9 Benson’s gonna be ticked

Watching SVU comes with the side-effect of always being on the lookout for potential perverts. Granted, there are more normal folks than perverts out in the world (we hope), but shows like SVU prove that you can never be too careful. After all, most of SVU’s episode plots are ripped from the headlines, meaning that there’s a grain of truth in each one. Either way, don’t talk to strangers, kids. For every ten or so randos out in the world, there’s a creep or two who’s just asking to be the subject of next season’s premier.

8 How Sonic Takes the Edge Off

According to IMDb (aka, a Screen Rant writer’s best friend), Speed Weed co-produced 25 episodes of SVU, and wrote 3, between 2010 and 2015. That may only be a small fraction of the show’s total length, but it’s still more than we’ve ever produced. And with a name like Speed Weed, he’s bound to be the apple of the internet’s eye.

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This isn’t the only meme dedicated to Mr. Weed. How could it be, with a name like that?

7 In the Criminal Justice System…

Of all the renditions of the Law & Order theme, SVU’s has to be the best. Not to say that the original’s wasn’t also good, but SVU’s theme is just so much more powerful and energetic. Hearing it sends chills down our spines and lets us know that it’s about to go down.

6 Could You Stop?

The writer of this article does this exact same thing every time a new episode airs, much to the chagrin of his friends and family. But can you blame him? The iconic Donk Donk is one of the most recognizable sounds in pop-culture history, alongside a lightsaber hum and Homer Simpson’s “doh.” Even people who’ve never seen an episode of Law & Order in their life would recognize the Donk, and may even tell you where it came from, thanks to how many times it’s been parodied over the years.

And of course, it’s the first thing we think about whenever we see a cop in our rearview (we’re not the only ones, right?).

5 Part of a Complete Breakfast

Any innocent thing can turn sinister when you add the SVU logo. Trust us, if you’ve seen as much SVU as we have, your outlook on the world becomes a little darker, depending on how many episodes deep you’re in. Even everyday innocent things, like this add for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, takes on a new, much darker perspective.

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Like, seriously, what makes that crunch think he can get away with that? Clearly he’s broken at least five different laws by taking a taste of his buddy’s cinnamon-sugar coating. Even without the weird undertones, we’re pretty sure that’s slightly cannibalistic. Off to Rikers you go!

4 So that’s How Lex Luther Started

Among children’s entertainment programming, Caillou is particularly polarizing. A Canadian show that somehow managed to end up stateside (thanks a lot, PBS), the show is hated by parents and children alike. Much of this rests on the fact that Caillou is just too annoying for most people to bear.

We always knew Caillou was bound to end up on the wrong side of the law, but who would’ve thought that his baby sister would be his victim. Quick, get this little monster in an orange jumpsuit and lock him away, before he could claim another victim.

3 Here Kitty Kitty

We don’t recommend looking up Shane Dawson’s affinity for cats. In all likelihood, you’ll end up stumbling across some articles on the web that you wish you could un-see. Without going into too much detail, Sonic has every right in the world to be horrified by the sight of Dawson armed with a tranquilizer pistol.

While this may be the pre-delay Sonic, back when the titular blue hedgehog looked like a mutated freak of nature, we still can’t condone Shane’s conduct here. Let’s just say we wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemies, or their cats.

2 Caw Caw

Well, this is random. Less of a conventional SVU meme and more like the creation of someone with way too much time on their hands, this creation is like a 21st-century dad joke. Caw rhymes with law! Get it, Jimmy?

We’d like to think that this is the sort of thing millennial dads would text their kids just to annoy them. If anything, it proves that puns will always be funny, no matter how stupid or childish they may be. Either that, or someone’s been hitting the Speed Weed from earlier a bit too hard.

1 I’d Like a Boston Cream and a Cup of Something Particularly Heinous

This meme is perfect in almost every way, especially if SVU is on constant rotation on your TV. The managers of this Dunkin had to have known that someone was going to make a Law & Order related pun, considering the precise way that the lights burned out. Thank you to whoever took a picture of this once-in-a-lifetime moment, and posted it alongside the SVU title card. If only we could be so lucky to find ourselves at such a right place at such a right time.

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