Leaked Lord of the Rings Audition Clips Reveal First Character Details

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series reveals character details, as audition tapes for the series get leaked. Penned by Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels of all time, and spawned epic film adaptations helmed by Peter Jackson. Two years ago, Amazon shook the fantasy world when they ordered a Lord of the Rings TV series with a multi-season commitment. Despite production being underway, major character details have been concealed about the upcoming fantasy series. 

Set in a period long before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, the series takes place on the J.R.R. Tolkien timeline known as The Second Age. Lasting 3,441 years, marking the One Ring’s conception, and ending with the defeat of Sauron’s army, The Second Age certainly offers a slew of story arcs and fresh faces for the saga. Last month, Amazon announced its endeavor to produce 20 episodes for the first season. Sans an official title, The Lord of the Rings series has only offered morsels of information. Elusive about their character details, Amazon announced Australian actress Markella Kavengeh will play Tyra, and that The Maze Runner star Will Poulter had been cast in an unidentified lead role. 

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According to CBR, leaked audition tapes for The Lord of the Rings offer potential character information. Uploaded by actors who didn’t land the roles, the clips feature Chloe Bremner, Conor Fogarty, and Nick Hardcastle. Bremner reads for a troubled warrior named Eldein, Fogarty navigates the dialogue of an experienced fighter named Beldor, and Hardcastle tackles pragmatic survivor Aric. An additional video featured an actress reading for an empathetic individual named Tyra (the role Kavengeh landed) – who’s likely an elf. 

While the leaked audition tapes affirm actors were hard at work to land a spot on the highly anticipated show, material for auditions often conceal major plot details and real character names. Helmed by Flash Gordon’s writing duo Patrick McKay and John D. Payne, The Lord of the Rings is in the creative hands of consultant Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones), writer Gennifer Hutchinson (Breaking Bad), and J.A. Bayona (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) – who’s been tapped to direct multiple episodes. 

Having outbid Netflix for the rights, Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings show could be the most expensive TV series of all time. Amazon opting to keep Middle-earth hidden in secrecy is a wise choice on the streaming service’s part. Fans of Tolkien’s work have picked apart the story for decades, and are eager to see the events of The Second Age unfold. While they may not tote official information, the audition tapes for characters Eldein, Tyra, Beldor, and Aric reveals data fans can mull over until The Lord of the Rings series gets an official update.

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Source: CBR

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