Lost: 10 Fan Theories That Were Better Than The Real Story

It’s no secret that Lost disappointed a lot of people. Fans had been speculating and discussing for six years and hoping for many satisfying and believable answers to the myriad mysteries that the show had presented. But in the end, most of it boiled down “magic.” No seriously, The Heart of the Island contained a magical glowing hole that basically wrapped up the entire series’ mythology under one horrifyingly disappointing umbrella.

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To be honest, many fan theories were actually better than what the show gave us. And that is depressing because it represents a better show that could have been. These are ten Lost fan theories that were better than the real story.

10 The Whispers Are Their Older Selves

The mysterious whispers were one of the longest-running questions on the show, and many people believed that the mystery was finding clarity sometime around seasons 4 and 5 (when time travel was being introduced).

According to the theory, the whispers were the castaways’ future versions warning their past (present) selves about impending danger. Of course, the whispers were nothing of the sort, and they didn’t relate to time travel, they were ghost voices. Seriously, they were the whispers of souls who “haven’t moved on.” How incredibly boring.

9 The Others Are Descendants Of The Castaways

This was a really cool theory that could have added a lot of interesting drama to the show. According to the theory, The Others in 2004 were actually descendants of the castaways from when they traveled back in time to Dharma in 1977. And yes, Ben and Richard killed everyone from Dharma, but we also know that Ben has a soft spot for children and babies.

It’s entirely possible that he kidnapped the babies and kept them safe while Richard gassed the village. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but hey, you never know. You can’t deny that Rob McElhenney’s Aldo looks a lot like Jack.

8 The Flash Sideways’ Were Actually A Sideways Timeline

Many Lost fans dislike season six, but we were willing to give it a chance. After all, we trusted that the writers knew what they were doing that they had a plan for the whole “flash-sideways” thing. The theory posits that Daniel was correct in that the past could be changed.

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As such, one timeline presents the bomb not working while the “sideways” timeline provided an alternate reality in which the bomb did work. It was fascinating stuff, and we couldn’t wait to see how it tied into the present narrative of the show. It didn’t. It was purgatory.

7 The Smoke Monster Was Dharma’s Protection

Many, many theories concerned the Smoke Monster, some more interesting than others. A popular theory suggested that it was related to the Dharma Initiative, usually in some sort of security role. This would make sense, seeing as how Dharma is so scientific and the Smoke Monster was clearly composed of mysterious scientific mechanics (mechanical clicking, weird mind-reading thing, flashes in its smoke).

It could also explain why Ben was able to control it from the Dharma village. Maybe once Dharma died out, the Smoke Monster was free to roam the island. But no, it was just the corrupted soul (or something) of The Man in Black.

6 The Smoke Monster Corrected Time Deviations

Even more theories regarding the Smoke Monster started popping up when the show introduced time travel. To some, the Smoke Monster was not really a monster or a physical scientific machine, but rather a natural phenomenon of the island that “corrected” the timeline and dealt with those that had deviated from their destinies and threatened the future.

This doesn’t really explain the noises or the mind-reading, but hey, it was something. And it was a lot better than “corrupted soul.”

5 The Island Is Purgatory

Perhaps the earliest fan theory regarding Lost is that the island was purgatory and that the survivors actually died in the plane crash. Of course, this was not the case – the island was actually a magic place that contained evil from the world or something.

And as lame as the whole “they were dead the whole time” thing is, we would have preferred it to “magic island.” This may have been the writers’ original intention before the fans sussed it out and/or they kept getting renewed for more seasons. And if that’s the case, then they should have stuck with their original vision.

4 Jacob Is Dead Locke

This theory posits that Locke became unstuck in time after his season five death, similar to what happened to Desmond in season three. This could explain why Jacob was initially invisible – he was unstuck in time and talking from a different “place” or “time” (similar to Juliet saying “it worked”), or he’s just a good old fashioned ghost.

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It also explains why Locke can “see” Jacob, why he can talk to him, and why he seemingly has such a strong connection to him – because he is him! But nope, Jacob was Jacob, and Locke was dead.

3 The Statue Was Destroyed By Jughead

The Statue of Taweret remains one of the most boggling aspects of Lost. But we don’t care about how it got there. We care about what happened to it. We know that nothing remains of the statue but its foot, and we know that it is possible for Jughead to detonate, if unlikely.

Therefore, some fans posited that it was Jughead that destroyed the statue, even though it seemingly didn’t cause any other form of destruction. Of course, that wasn’t the case, as it was actually destroyed when the Black Rock crashed into it in 1867. Still cool (and it answered why the ship was so far inland), but not as cool.

2 Adam And Eve Are Miles And Charlotte

One interesting theory posited that the Adam and Eve skeletons discovered way back in season one were actually those of Miles and Charlotte, who weren’t introduced until season four.

Throughout season five, both Miles and Charlotte begin suffering from nosebleeds, a result of their past time on the island. It’s possible that they were unable to stop the erratic time jumps in time and died of aneurysms (like Charlotte did), causing the others to “bury” them in the caves. Sometime later, the castaways find their skeletons in the same cave.

1 Ben Actually Died

In season five, Sayid begins to think that he can alter the past by killing Ben, therefore preventing him from terrorizing them in the “future” (or their present). This is seemingly confirmed by Faraday, who claims that the past can be changed through certain variables.

One of these variables is Sayid, who is successful in his attempt at killing Ben. It could have provided a ton of interesting new dynamics for the show going forward, but no. Faraday was right – whatever happened, happened. Ben was shot, but he lived. You can’t alter the past, after all. Lame.

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