Love Is Blind: Lauren May Have Confirmed Living With Cameron

Netflix’s Love is Blind is all anyone is talking about and fans are scouring social media for clues as to the relationship status of the remaining couples. The stars have been tight-lipped and none more than Cameron and Lauren, but did Lauren accidentally give away the answers on her social media?

From the minute the show aired fans have been googling to find out who is still together. As can be expected the couples don’t answer any questions and their social media pages are intentionally void of their matches. As a fan-favorite couple, Cameron and Lauren are under extreme scrutiny. Last week, fans thought they’d found something when they noticed a photo on her Instagram with an engagement ring. However, people quickly pointed out that that photo was dated back in October during the filming of the show and fans already knew from the last episodes that they were engaged. The real question everyone was looking for the answer to is are they together following the end of taping. Rumor has it, the show wrapped up taping back in 2018. This means any clues will come from posts after that. Some noticed posts in the same gym. Again possibly a clue but audiences already know the stars all hang out together still and they all live in Atlanta.

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However, on close scrutiny of the photos from Lauren’s social media, it appears she may have accidentally given away what people are dying to know. While audiences won’t know for certain until the finale airs on Thursday if the couple walked down the aisle, even that will only give so much information. Did they call off the marriage but stay engaged? Did they call it off and never speak? Did they reunite? Did they get married then end it shortly after taping? More than anything fans just want to know if they are still together. While this may not answer many of the detailed questions it appears Lauren’s social media can answer at least the most burning of questions. It appears they are as of January living together. On the left is a screenshot from episode 6 of Love is Blind, when Cameron was giving Lauren tour of his Atlanta home and on the right is Lauren’s Instagram picture posted on January 17th.

During episode 6, fans got to see both Lauren’s apartment and Cameron’s beautiful house. The social media post that shows Lauren wearing an engagement ring fits the timeline of when this would have been happening, so while the balcony the photo was taken on looks suspiciously like Cameron’s upstairs balcony. Again it fits and tells no new information. But eagle-eyed fans noticed right away that several photos were taken in what looked to clearly be Cameron’s home and those are dated as late as mid-January, long after filming would have wrapped. Due to the distinct stair railing, the layout of the home, even the positioning of the thermostat, fans were certain the photos were taken in Cameron’s home. In the photos below, there is a picture showing the two light switches and thermostat from a screenshot from Love is Blind and on the right is a picture Lauren posted to her Instagram on January 11th.

While a bit of a spoiler, no one is complaining at all about what looks like evidence that America’s new favorite reality TV couple is still together. As shows like The Masked Singer have found out, the internet is full of obsessed fans whose sleuthing skills make it near impossible to keep anything a secret. But with a hit like Love is Blind, this unintentionally leaked information is a good sign that the formula they’ve come up with is working. Fans are engaged by the material and if this proves what they think it does, then there is at least one success story from their premiere season and even one puts them at the top when it comes to matchmaking reality TV marriage success rates.

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Love is Blind season finale airs this Thursday on Netflix.

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