Love is Blind: What Happened To All Couples After The Netflix Show

Viewers have been curious about what happened to all the couples after the Netflix show Love is Blind wrapped its inaugural season. For viewers who thought the finale was chock full of surprises, reunion special was just as explosive.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey caught up with the cast on the episode which streamed March 5th. The married hosts kicked off the show by asking which of the couples were married to their Love is Blind partner. Barnett and his wife Amber raised their hands, as did fan favorites Cameron and Lauren. The hosts asked who among them was still single. The remaining cast members raised their hands. Then they were asked who was still dating the person they met on the show. The first shocker of the episode: Giannina and Damian raised their hands. Turns out that the general manager who jilted the Latina beauty at the altar managed to find their way back to romance. Meanwhile, one-time lovebirds Kenny and Kelly are no longer together. Kelly gave a long speech about working on herself since leaving the show. Kenny, on the other hand, admitted that he’s in a relationship with someone else while repeating (like, almost too much) that he’s not embarrassed about being dumped during their wedding.

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Kenny told Nick and Vanessa: “I think about all the takeaways that I went through on the show I’ve applied to my current relationship, and I’ve been able to be vulnerable, and I’ve received it.” Kelly also made her own startling disclosure; she told Kenny she hoped they could have continued dating once the show ended, but it didn’t work out that way. In the end, she let him know that she was happy for him and his new relationship.

As for the other couples whose relationships proved to be a hot mess, there was plenty of closure to go around. Amber confronted Jessica about her attempts to lure away Barnett. Jessica owned up to feeling ashamed of herself on the show as well as her home-wrecking ways. She apologized to Amber who admitted she could only accept the intention behind the “I’m sorry,” and not the contrition itself. Next, Diamond and Carlton made amends, and Carlton even proposed to Diamond – well, proposed friendship to Diamond – with her former engagement ring. She accepted, but after the show revealed that she has no intention of going on a date with disrespectful Carlton. Finally, Jessica delivered her deepest regrets and apologies to Mark for her behavior and some of the unsavory comments she made about their union. He continued to remind her (and himself) that he learned a lot from the experience, only taking her to task for not being more forthcoming about her lingering feelings for Barnett. There’s still no word on an apology from Jessica to her dog for feeding him all that wine.

Finally, the reunion delved into Cameron and Lauren’s relationship. They’re now the proud parents of a furbaby – their puppy named Sparx. There was also an insight into the dating process that brought everyone together. Lauren and Damian disclosed that they had actually formed a strong connection with each other, bonding over their Star Wars impressions and said that their connection was more brother-sister than anything. Cameron smiled politely through their reminiscence, but later Lauren praised her husband for teaching her new things every day and being an exemplary mate. Amber and Barnett confessed they struggled early on, and even kicked around the idea of divorce (even called a divorce lawyer about it), but are now happy as can be. For the last question, Vanessa asked the contestants to raise their hands if, after completing the social experiment, if the believe love is, in fact, blind – in which all of them raised their hands. Overall, this reunion and its disclosures provided the perfect punctuation to season 1 of Love is Blind.

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