Love Is Blind: What Happened To Amber & Matt After The Netflix Show

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett were one of two couples who got married on the season finale of Love Is Blind, but has their expeditious love story withstood the test of time? They certainly seemed to have chemistry during the show.

Barnett started off on a dangerous track, balancing the feelings of three women while trying to figure out who he felt strongest about. At first, he thought it would be Jessica Batten, who had her own love triangle to navigate between Barnett and Mark Cuevas. Then, torn between LC and Amber, Barnett chose the first woman he had built a bond with, which was Amber. Upon meeting, the two had an obvious physical connection, perhaps more so than any other couple. They dove head first into exploring their relationship, in Cancun and then in Atlanta. When Barnett visited Amber’s home, he was struck by the news that Amber wasn’t particularly financially well off. It was the first red flag, and it forced Barnett to think about whether marrying Amber would be the right thing to do. Despite some suspense, Barnett said “I do” and joined Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton as the only other pair to end the show in marriage.

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Chris Coelen, founder of Kinetic Content, which produced Love Is Blind, told Reality Blurred that Amber and Barnett are indeed still married. The show was filmed in 2018, which means the couples have had to keep their love a secret all this time – and likely a little while longer while fans complete their Netflix binge. Coelen said, “The people that went through and got married are still together to this day, a year and a half later.” 

Some had suspected that Lauren and Cameron remained with each other due to context clues from Instagram. The question of whether Amber and Barnett’s lasted was more of a mystery. Amber’s financial woes during the show appeared to be a real concern for Barnett. And some of the comments Barnett made in the pods were a bit concerning and potential signs that he wasn’t ready for marriage.

But it appears that both were prepared to make the forever commitment to someone else. We don’t know exactly where there relationship stands today – more will be revealed in the recently announced reunion special – but it is good to know that this process at least worked for some, if not all. Barnett trusted his gut in choosing to propose to Amber in the pod, and more than a year later (Seriously? They’ve had to keep their marriage secret for a year???) it sounds like his decision has worked out for him.

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Source: Reality Blurred

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