Married at First Sight’s Iris Disappointed with Husband Keith

Married at First Sight’s Iris is disappointed with her husband Keith. The couple has seemingly gotten off to a rocky start since their “I dos.”

On Married at First Sight, fans have watched as Keith had openly said that he was not sure that Iris would make him happy, and he is not even sure that he wants Iris to take his virginity. In a confessional to the camera, the reality star commented that he felt immense pressure and responsibility for the relationship. The idea of being someone’s first is a very big deal to the newlywed, and the possibility of the marriage not working out is at a much higher risk due to the circumstances of how they met. The reality star went on to say that he just would not feel very happy with himself if they were to break up, having the interaction haunt him forever.

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Iris, who is 27 years old and works as a non-profit program coordinator, has opened up on what it is like to star on the hit show, Married at First Sight, telling fans her relationship with Keith is not all that it seems. While fans are aware thanks to Keith’s confessionals that Iris is lacking in the sexual intimacy area, as he believes she is sexually immature, in a new interview by RealityWithBee, Iris had argued that her husband had this impression of her because she lacked sexual partners. In her opinion, sexual maturity meant that she understood a sexual relationship as a shared relationship. The whole ordeal involved getting to know and understand one another, including her partner’s preferences. To Iris, sexual maturity is not based on how many partners she had slept with, but more with knowing how to understand and learn from the journey.

Avid viewers of Married at First Sight would argue that Keith said those words because of Iris’s obvious discomfort when it came to having a conversation about sex. Fans are on Keith’s side, it seems, as Iris’s refusal to finish the sexy dice game exploited her lack of sexual knowledge. Naturally, Iris defused the allegation of being frosty by saying that she only acted that way because, prior to filming, she and Keith had discussed and decided not to go into details about sex on camera because they both work with children. The non-profit worker said, “It was upsetting to see Keith had an issue with this when we both discussed we wouldn’t talk about certain things on camera.” Towards the end of the interview, Irish said that she believed she had tried her best to be a good wife for Keith, constantly endeavoring to let her guard down.

While being open about their sex life to a camera and a nationwide audience is hard, fans hope that the new couple can overcome the hurdles of discomfort. She had made strides towards embracing her sexuality, but maybe just not quickly enough. Unfortunately, Iris said that she does not feel that her husband, Keith, has helped at all when it comes to taking the next step and being vulnerable together.

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Source: RealityWithBee

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