Marvel Rising: Ghost-Spider & Ironheart Get Animated Specials

After the success of its first two Marvel Rising animated projects, Disney XD will continue the series with new specials featuring Ghost-Spider and Ironheart. A new series of animated offerings aimed at a younger, more diverse audience, Marvel Rising delivered with two specials this summer, the collection of animated shorts called Marvel Rising: Initiation, and the feature-length animated movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. These were apparently enough of a success that Marvel and Disney XD are interested in moving forward with new installments, at least one of which will introduce a brand new character — to the animated universe that’s being built, anyway. 

Marvel Rising: Initiation was largely told from the perspective of Ghost-Spider — or Spider-Gwen, as she’s sometimes referred to — as Gwen Stacy attempted to clear her alter ego’s name after being wrongly accused of murdering a young man. As it turns out, that young man was Gwen’s real-life best friend and a powered individual in his own right, putting the young woman behind the spider-mask in a tricky situation, one that even had other heroes, like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Patriot looking to bring her to justice. Oddly, however, Ghost-Spider didn’t factor into Secret Warriors at all, which suggests her new special may answer why. 

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Another likely candidate for inclusion in the Marvel Rising cast and series of adventures is temporary Iron Man replacement Riri Williams, who’s since embarked on a solo career as the hero known as Ironheart. A popular character in the comics, it’s a surprise she hasn’t been introduced until now, but given how much screen time the character would likely call for, it makes sense to introduce her in this way. Check out a trailer for Ghost-Spider’s story and a synopsis for when Ironheart will join the Marvel Rising universe. 

Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron will introduce Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart to the Marvel Rising universe, voiced by Sofia Wylie (“Andi Mack”). In this 44-minute special, we find Riri Williams adjusting to college life and feeling socially isolated because she is younger than the other students. After Hala the Accuser destroys the school’s engineering lab and kidnaps Riri’s best friend, Riri finds inspiration in her hero Iron Man and hatches a plan to defeat Hala and save the day.”

Release dates for Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts and Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron have yet to be announced, but Screen Rant will keep you posted for when you’ll be able to check them out. 

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