Marvel’s DEADLIEST Doctors Are Going To Save The World

Warning: SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #10

Marvel Comics‘ most dangerous doctors – Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom – are teaming up to save the world. Doctor Doom may be Marvel’s premiere supervillain, but at heart he considers himself an altruist. Doom believes in one man, one vote – he is the man, and he gets the vote.

The key to understanding Doom is to realize that he truly believes his own spin, that he is the only one truly qualified to rule the planet. In his view, the very fact people oppose him is proof of their limited intelligence, because they clearly don’t know what’s best for them. Oddly enough, that means there have been many occasions where Doctor Doom has stepped up to save the world – and even the Multiverse. That’s because he has no interest in allowing the end of the world.

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This week’s Savage Avengers #10 confirms that this is leading Doctor Doom into a long-term partnership with Doctor Strange. The two have found themselves going up against Kulan Gath, an ancient Sorcerer Supreme from the Hyborean Age – the time of Conan the Barbarian. Kulan Gath is a cannibal, who has spent millennia feeding on the magical energy of others. As a result, he now possesses power on a scale even Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom have never seen before.

Fortunately, Doctor Doom isn’t just a sorcerer; he’s also one of the greatest scientific minds on Earth. The two mystics best Kulan Gath by resorting to science, with Doom summoning his Infamous Iron Man armor and granting it to Strange, transforming him into the so-called “Iron Mage.” In the end, Strange comes up with an innovative approach to beat Kulan Gath, having the armor reform around him. The armor ceases all motor function, rendering Kulan Gath unable to move, and allowing Conan to join the battle and wound him with an ancient talisman. Even this isn’t enough to stop Kulan Gath, who escapes to continue his schemes.

But Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom now know what Kulan Gath wants to do. His goal is to unleash the wrath of one of the Elder Gods, Shuma-Gorath, upon the Earth; a nightmarish end-of-the-world scenario that is in nobody’s best interests. And even these two sorcerers – among the most powerful mystics ever to walk the Earth – will be unable to defeat him without help. It really does look as though this particular team-up is going to last longer than they’d expected.

Savage Avengers #10 is on sale now in comic book stores.

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