Mayans MC Renewed for Season 2 at FX

FX has officially renewed Mayans MC for season 2. The show follows Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes, played by JD Pardo, who has recently been released from prison and is the newest prospect in the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Anyone who followed Sons of Anarchy knows that the Mayans were a rival MC turned ally of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Sons of Anarchy was one of FX’s most popular television programs that went off the air in 2014 after seven seasons. With the success of the first show created by Kurt Sutter, it wasn’t much of a surprise when FX ordered the Sons of Anarchy spinoff pilot. The final season of Sons of Anarchy broke records at FX so a spinoff series was considered a safe bet. That being said, FX hadn’t officially picked up the show until the beginning of this year. While Mayans MC was thought to be a prequel at first, it was eventually revealed that the series would take place after Jax Teller’s death. Now with the first season about halfway through its run, FX has renewed the show for another.

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In a press release from FX, the television network announced that Mayans MC would be renewed for season 2 after the incredible reception from the episodes that have been released so far. When Presidents of Original Programming for FX Networks and FX Productions Nick Grad and Eric Schrier announced the second season, Grad commented, “The series premiered as the highest rated cable series this year and continues to sustain a committed fan base, reflecting the talent and drive of creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. We couldn’t be more excited to take this ride to a second season“.

Besides Pardo in the lead role, actors such as Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, and Edward James Olmos all have been cast in the series. While fans are still waiting to see where the TV show is headed, Antonio Jaramillo previously promised that it will be just as violent as the original Sons of Anarchy. The actor also promised that Mayans MC will touch upon immigration and representation, which is likely to continue in the next season.

Even though it took some time to officially get Mayans MC off the ground, the show seems to have been worth the wait for FX and for fans. FX’s press release showed that the program has become the #1 new cable series in the majority of adult male viewers, bringing in an average of 8.2 million viewers per episode. It’s already the halfway point for the first season, but fans certainly haven’t seen the last of EZ Reyes and the Mayans Motorcycle Club yet.

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