MBTI® Of Selling Sunset Characters

If you want a show that is basically Mean Girls meets Million Dollar Listing, look no further. Selling Sunset is pretty much the perfect reality TV show because of its thoughtful combo of endless drama and breathtaking scenery that will make you want to hop on a plane and move to LA for good. Unlike reality shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, these ladies don’t just sit around eating giant bowls of salad while discussing their butt injections. Every woman on Selling Sunset is constantly seen working as hard as possible to sell the most luxurious houses in Los Angeles.

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The cast members on this eight-episode Netflix series are what make the entire show, so why not have some fun analyzing their personalities with the Myers-Briggs® Type Index?

10 Mary-INFP

Mary describes herself as being “airy and light” in contrast to Christine’s “gothic black” persona. She even says when they get their nails done she gets the bubbly/innocent colors while Christine goes straight for the dark look. Mary is kind, soft-spoken, and tries her best to be the mediator of the group when it comes to the drama that unfolds amongst the members of The Oppenheim Group. Although the thought of disagreeing with anything Christine says is pretty scary to us, Mary has enough individuality to stay level-headed and form her own opinions. She isn’t a fan of drama, often staying quiet during the fights that break out in the office unless she is attempting to calm the storm.  Her strong empathy skills as an INFP help her see Christine as a complex individual rather than just your average mean girl.

9 Romain-ISTP

Romain is your typical “manly man”, and he really wants you to know it! On the whole, he is sweet and thoughtful with the best intentions. It is clear that he is really in love with Mary, yet his communication skills aren’t always as strong as they could be (and not just because of the language barrier between them)!

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He seems to believe in “traditional masculinity” and “traditional femininity” as we can see during the wedding planning scenes when he considers all of the planning to be “girl stuff not guy stuff”. Hopefully, he will be able to swallow his pride and help his future wife out.

8 Christine-ESTJ

Christine, (aka the Regina George on steroids of the group), is an ESTJ through and through. She tends to think out loud and makes it clear that she will say whatever is on her mind. She strongly dislikes people who get emotional, often seeing it as a weakness and a waste of time rather than a sign of emotional intelligence. She is the Queen Bee and she wants you to know it! Christine does have a soft side to her or “the teddy bear side” as the ladies put it, yet she will only offer the teddy bear persona to people who she can really trust. Christine’s ideal world is one where everyone is completely honest, even if that honesty stings. If she feels as though someone isn’t expressing their truth or is being inauthentic, she will POUNCE. This is most evident in the final scene of the first season when she takes her claws out at Chrishell for being what she considers to be “fake.”

(Christine takes so much pride in her bluntness that she proudly announces how the only thing “fake” about her is her boobs).

7 Heather-ENFP

Heather is basically seen as the “Karen Smith” of the office. People sometimes mistake her as the ditzy one, despite the fact that this is far from true. Unlike the other women at the office, Heather is future-oriented rather than stuck in the present. She fantasizing about an ideal world where everyone in the office can bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and they can all eat and be happy. Heather seems to be the most hopeful of all the ladies for a brighter future with less drama and more maturity. Dream on, Heather!

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As much as we truly admire her “what if the world was a more peaceful place” outlook, it’s clear the drama will never stop with this group of ladies. Even when they’re old and gray in the most luxurious nursing home of all time with a giant indoor pool, they will still be finding ways to cause drama. (Maybe it will be over who stole the luxury-cafeteria applesauce).

6 Chrishell-ESFJ

Chrishell is the Cady Heron of the group in every way. This is because people can’t seem to pronounce her name properly and she’s the new girl with a humble background about to dive into a group of mean girls. Christine describes Chrishell as a kiss up when she comes to the office for the first time bearing gifts. Her giving nature and eagerness to please is a common trait in ESFJs. Although the women *cough chough Christine* haze her at the beginning, Chrishell is pretty much able to take it all like a champ. She’s a natural when it comes to socializing within the group, something ESFJs are able to do best. Her animated and smiley aura may come off to people like Christine as fake, but that is just how most ESFJs are. They are naturally warm and expressive people.

5 Maya-ISTP

Maya is the badass Israeli chick in the office. She easily gets along with everyone because of how cool calm and collected she is. Maya doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, choosing to lead by logic rather than her feelings towards unfolding events.

She thinks about what she has to say before saying it and only speaks when she has something valuable to add to the conversation. She is upfront for the sake of authenticity and honesty rather than for the sake of stirring up drama. This can be seen when she tells Mary that people in the office are talking about her relationship with Romain behind her back.

4 Jacob-INTJ

Jacob is Christine’s longtime friend. The two have known each other since High School and they bond over the fact that they have come so far since those days. Jacob works as a successful businessman in a tech-related industry, yet despite his techy nature, he is still able to get romantic when it comes to his love life. He even goes so far as to send Christine flowers! The two decide to just remain friends in the end because of the lack of chemistry.

3 Davina-ESTJ

Davina is the Gretchen Weiners of The Oppenheim Group because she tries so hard to stir up drama. Davina is similar to Christine in the sense that she is extremely upfront, sometimes to a fault. She has pretty much had it out for Chrishell since the beginning, basically telling her “I don’t think you’re two-faced, but definitely you’re two-faced.” She is pretty much the most unbearable person in the group and this is made even more apparent when she goes to a Burning Man concert instead of attending the charity event for the homeless that the other women help out at.

2 Brett-INTJ

Brett Oppenheim is the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group, as well as the senior vice president. He is business-minded, yet knows how to tone it down and be friendly when appropriate. Sometimes he can be pretty strict but he’s really just looking for these women to grow into the best real estate agents they can possibly be.

1 Jason-ENTJ

Jason is Brett’s twin brother and is also the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group. He is also quite strict, yet he is able to relate to the women on a personal level when he needs to. He even dated Mary for a year! Jason isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind, which is a good trait to have as a boss and a leader of such an elite group.

Who are your favorite cast members on Selling Sunset? Let us know in the comments!

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