Mike Myers Playing Multiple Characters in New Netflix Comedy Series

Mike Myers will be playing multiple characters in a new Netflix comedy series. Back in the 1990s, Myers was one of the hottest TV comedians around, taking his Wayne’s World sketch (alongside Dana Carvey) to international heights with two films, and briefly introducing a variety of popular catchphrases.

After leaving SNL in 1995, Myers struck gold with his Austin Powers character, a 1960s era, snaggle-toothed secret agent created as a parody of James Bond. Once again, catchphrases abounded and the character was so popular that it went on to spawn two more films in the franchise, with years of rumors persisting that a fourth is on its way. In addition to the popularity of Austin Powers, Myers was also responsible in part for the huge success of Disney’s Shrek series, in which the former SNL star voiced the big green eponymous ogre in three feature films, numerous spin-offs and several straight to home video releases. Most recently, Myers appeared as EMI record executive Ray Foster in the Oscar-winning Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as the host of ABC’s revival of The Gong Show.

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With his penchant for playing a wide variety of unique characters well documented, it was only a matter of time before Myers stepped forward with something new. And while Austin Powers fans may be disappointed that the lecherous 1960s spy isn’t returning just yet, Variety is reporting that Myers will be the latest celebrity to find support at Netflix with a brand new project.

The yet to be titled comedy series will see Myers star as well as executive produce, and has been given a six-episode order from Netflix. Aside from this, not much else is currently known. Speaking about the new project, Myers said, “I love creating characters and Netflix has given me a fantastic playground to play in.” Though Myers has an extensive career that includes roles on TV and the big screen, he’s never been directly involved in a sitcom, meaning this will be new ground for the star. Myers’ relative unfamiliarity with the medium shouldn’t be cause for concern, however, as he’s no stranger to all the behind the camera work that’s required for any production to have a chance at success. His 2013 documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon saw him flaunt his first-time directorial chops with success, creating a true-life and touching portrait of one of Hollywood’s greatest talent managers.

For some, the name Mike Myers might elicit little more reaction than a roll of the eyes. But for others, Myers has been consistently missing from Hollywood’s comedic output over the last decade or two. Undeniably talented, it’s been a long time since fans were treated to something more than small cameos in films or being the star of someone else’s variety series. Exactly what Myers will bring to the crowded Netflix table remains to be seen, but whatever it is, he’s sure to take it all on with the same comedic gusto that’s previously made him such a pop culture phenomenon.

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Source: Variety

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