Murphy Brown Revival Premiere Includes Hillary Clinton Cameo

Murphy Brown has never been able to turn down a good political cameo, and the premiere episode of the revival kicked things off with a big fish: Hillary Clinton. The episode, titled “Fake News,” aired on September 27, and marked the first episode of the series in 20 years – so there was a lot of time to make up for.

The episode kicked off with Murphy, having left FYI years prior, returning to CBS in 2018 to host a news show, Murphy in the Morning. Murphy has her whole gang back together, and she’s angry at the state of the world, determined to bring back good journalism. Concurrently, her son, Avery, is working at a conservative media outlet, Wolf Network, offering his more liberal perspective.

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An old gag during the show’s original run was that Murphy had to deal with a revolving door of annoying secretaries. This time, Hilary Clinton (one “l”) is up for the job, played by Clinton herself. As THR reports, the scene, in which Clinton makes a crack about having “some experience with emails,” wasn’t included in the press screeners seen by critics prior to the premiere, making it a major reveal for all.

Clinton isn’t the only 2016 presidential candidate to receive a callout in the episode. Given the title and star Candice Bergen’s own admission to going on a date with him once, it’s not surprising that Donald Trump was mentioned. Murphy was given the same story as her portrayer and used it for her very first tweet, which started a patented Trump Twitter rant. Considering the show is known for making things meta and tackling the most important issues of the moment, it’s only fitting that the first episode would include both Clinton and Trump. And it probably won’t be the last mention of either of them – especially as far as Trump is concerned.

This isn’t the first time Clinton has appeared as herself (or a version of herself) on a scripted series. In a 2016 episode of Broad City, Ilana inadvertently ends up volunteering to make calls on behalf of Clinton’s presidential campaign, and she and Abbi manage to get a moment (and a selfie) with the woman herself. Clinton also will appear on the season 5 premiere of Madam Secretary, alongside other former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell.

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