Naruto: 20 Of Jiraiya’s Powers, Ranked

It seemed like a conventional story at first. Ebisu is teaching Naruto chakra control and Naruto is struggling to take him seriously. Suddenly, Ebisu tenses up and his attention shifts away from Naruto. It was in this moment that fans of the series were introduced to Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. The series would never be the same.

Jiraiya made his mark on both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden through his role as Naruto’s sensei. Being one of the three legendary Sannin ninjas put Jiraiya on a whole other level. Through his training of Naruto, Jiraiya instilled a greater sense of duty in the protagonist, but, on another level, he also introduced Naruto to some killer techniques. Jiraiya’s ability made him one of the strongest shinobi to ever appear in the manga/anime, and with that ability came some amazing power.

Clearly, Jiraiya packed quite a heavy arsenal of high-level jutsu into every fight he was involved in. However, just how strong are some of those powers? And which are his strongest? Well, Screen Rant is here to answer that. This list will look at 20 of the Toad Sage’s incredible powers and rank them from “weakest” to strongest. In this list, weakest means not as strong as the other powers mentioned, as Jiraiya’s techniques are all strong. Also, the jutsu mentioned in this list are all considered for their peak ability and not what was shown in his battles.

So, without further ado, let’s get into all things Toad with 20 Of Jiraiya’s’ Powers, Ranked.

20 Taijutsu and Durability

Okay, so this is a general ability. Saying Taijutsu means this entry can go a lot of ways. Yet, what this entry is saying is Jiraiya has talented taijutsu, but that is not the high mark of this talents. In fact, his speed and strength are not even the most impressive aspects of his taijutsu.

It is actually Jiraiya’s durability that feels remarkably inhuman. The guy is a boulder when it comes to absorbing damage. This durability shows in his ability to handle a Might Guy kick with barely a scratch and take the full force of Tsunade’s strength without taking severe damage. Its Jiraiya’s durability that keeps him alive for so long in his fight with Nagato (Pain).

19 Fuuinjutsu

So, Fuuinjutsu is a confusing technique. It feels like a lot of ninjas should be able to master seals, but the series shows viewers that time and time again only the most powerful shinobi fully understand the art of seals and how to use their power effectively.

Keeping this in mind, it makes Jiraiya’s abilities worth noting. Though the hermit sage does not use seals often, when Jiraiya does utilize them, you can bet they pack a big wallop. For instance, Jiraiya creates a chakra suppression seal to help keep the Nine-Tail Fox chakra from overcoming Naruto. That is some serious power that often goes underlooked due to the confusion over the difficulty to use such a technique.

18 Needle Jizo

Jiraiya has an incredible look. He feels like a shinobi with character and distinct taste. In fact, his whole appearance is notable, but the wildest part is his hair. It is a long white mane that only the Toad Sage could pull off. That hair is also a weapon though.

One of the jutsu involving Jiraiya’s hair is Needle Jizoo (or Needle Jizo). The technique allows Jiraiya to encase himself in his hair while chakra makes the hair hard and pointy (like a needle). This is a powerful defensive move and his hair becomes strong enough to withstand several types of ninja weapons. That’s one tough hair-do.

17 Wild Lion’s Mane Technique

Yes, this entry is also about hair. Jiraiya has amazing hair, has that been mentioned? It has. Well, that hair can also be used in offensive jutsu, that adds a little more of a kick than the Needle Jizo.

The Wild Lion’s Mane Technique is an odd, but useful jutsu. With it, Jiraiya uses chakra to lengthen his hair and make the texture like steel wool. He then is able to move his hair around so that it wraps around the enemy and binds to it. The wool takes the shape of a lion (hence the name) and once it completely binds the target it can destroy it by squeezing the enemy.

16 Hiding in a Toad Technique

The award for most obvious jutsu name goes to this entry. However, this is also the first of Jiraiya’s toad powers to be explored on this list. The Hiding in a Toad Technique is fairly simple, but it has advantages when it comes to combat.

This jutsu is an infiltration technique. Jiraiya utilizes it to escape from detection-style jutsu. To use it, the legendary sannin summons a special diving toad and then hides in its mouth. It sounds gross, but Jiraiya is the Toad Sage so this does not appear to bother him. Once in the toad’s mouth, Jiraiya and the toad can dive underwater and sneak up on an enemy without being detected.  

15 Toad Oil Bullet

Fun fact: toads secrete oil. Jiraiya loves his toads so it makes sense that, like them, Jiraiya also has a jutsu involving toad oil. Only this jutsu is much more deadly than oil on a toad’s back.

The hermit sage, in all his talent, converts chakra into oil like that found on a toad and then spits it out of his mouth in high volumes. In doing this, Jiraiya is able to capture his enemy in an oil slick. What makes this jutsu even better is it cannot easily be washed away by a water jutsu. So, not only can Jiraiya capture his enemy with this jutsu, but escaping it becomes no small task as well.

14 Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison

Okay, so this list involves a lot of toads if you did not already know that. On top of that, this list also involves people going inside toad’s mouths. Heck, it is this oddity in style that makes Jiraiya such a memorable and lasting character in fan’s minds. So this is why Jiraiya’s ability with barrier jutsu comes down to a toad.

The toad gourd is an odd summoning. The toad will swallow an enemy and leave them trapped in their acidic stomach. This allows Jiraiya to isolate an enemy from their team and fight in a dangerous terrain. Jiraiya is given even more advantage if he chooses to fight inside the Toad Gourd Prison because he is deeply familiar with the layout while the enemy would not be.  This barrier jutsu is good for giving Jiraiya the advantage and it’s strange that viewers did not get to see it more often in the series.

13 Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind

That is right! Another entry discussing the mouth of a toad! Seriously, Jiraiya has found many ways to utilize a toad’s mouth, but this has to be one of the coolest. The Toad Mouth Bind jutsu does not have an everyday use, but when the situation calls for it, it comes in handy.

Fans saw the debut of this jutsu during a clash with Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki. Jiraiya is able to summon the esophagus (just the esophagus, seriously) of a giant toad. He can then control that esophagus to hold bind a target in place and prevent them from moving. What’s more is that this jutsu can work on multiple targets and gives Jiraiya a way of controlling the battle for at least a moment.  

12 Flame Bullet

One remarkable talent Jiraiya has that makes him so powerful is his ability to master many styles of jutsu. In the series, Jiraiya can be seen showing an expert level understanding of fire, earth, and water style jutsu. One of the better offensive techniques he has is his Flame Bullet.

This jutsu is exactly as it sounds and it is not a rare or difficult ability. Yet, when you have the strength and talent Jiraiya has, then the ability to shoot flaming bullets out of your mouth gets more powerful. Jiraiya’s Flame Bullet jutsu is powerful on its own, even if the audience did not get to see it stand out on its own super often.

11 Barrier: Canopy Method Formation

To defeat the enemy, one must be able to spot the enemy. That is why the barrier jutsu known as Canopy Method Formation is a useful technique that Jiraiya has mastered. Even if the jutsu itself is rather simple and not as flashy as his Toad Gourd Prison summoning jutsu.

Canopy Method Formation Jutsu allows Jiraiya to detects enemies. The Toad Sage releases a spherical barrier around himself that alerts him when anyone crosses through it. After that person crosses through, Jiraiya is able to use the jutsu to follow them and track their movements as they move inside the barrier. It’s an incredibly useful skill for any ninja attempting to avoid a sneak attack or map out enemy forces.

10 Toad Flatness

The Toad Flatness-Shadow Manipulation technique feels like one of the more underrated moves Jiraiya has showcased. After all, it works in a similar way to Shikamaru Nara’s jutsu. However, it only lasts as long as Jiraiya can hold his breath.

While holding his breath, Jiraiya is able to flatten into an enemy’s shadow and control them. He can use the target as a shield and even make them speak. This gives Jiraiya a remarkable advantage when outnumbered. With this jutsu, Jiraiya can theoretically control any ninja for a least a few moments and in those few moments, he can do a lot of damage.

9 Summoning: Mayhem Technique

Now, this jutsu quite literally brought down the house when fans first saw it (hence its other name Bring Down the House). Jiraiya’s powers became instantly notable when fans saw him summon a toad in the sky and use it to crush a giant snake. Like, think about that for a moment. He was able to jump in the sky, cast a summoning jutsu, and make it so strong that he drops a massive toad on a huge snake. That is amazing.

The Mayhem Technique is definitely an attack move that even the best shinobi would be threatened against. Jiraiya does not use the Mayhem Technique often, but its effects are notable when it does come into play. There are not many jutsu in the world that could cause so much immediate damage like this one.

8 Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld

Jiraiya can summon and create a lot of things, between toads and fire that seems like it would be enough, right? Wrong, Jiraiya can even create a swamp through the use of this earth style jutsu.

Swamp of the Underworld allows the user to turn the area around the enemy into a muddy swamp. Jiraiya uses this jutsu to capture large enemies and hold them through his chakra. The more chakra a user has, the larger the swamp, so that means Jiraiya is able to create an incredibly large swamp. Also, the jutsu does not have to be used on the ground, so Jiraiya can capture an enemy on the ceiling and use the jutsu that way too.


This jutsu is the best of both worlds. The Toad Oil Fireball jutsu is a combination technique that Jiraiya primarily uses with Gamabunta. This jutsu combines earth and fire style jutsu to make one of the best offensive techniques in Jiraiya’s arsenal.

Gamabunta starts the jutsu by launching huge Toad Oil Bullets at the enemy. From on top of father toad, Jiraiya then uses his Flame Bullet technique to light the oil bullets on fire. What it creates is massive fires balls of burning toad oil. One would hate to take that kind of hit straight on which makes the style so powerful.

6 Toad Binding Duet

Jiraiya is not known for his Genjutsu. In fact, his most powerful Genjutsu does not even actually come from him. The Toad Binding Duet (or Demonic Illusion: Gama Rinsho) is a song performed by the Two Great Sage Toads, and Jiraiya only offers them protection.

The Toad Binding Duet is incredibly difficult to perform, as the Two Great Sage Toads have to find the right harmony. To do this they give away their position and must rely on Jiraiya to protect them as they perform the song. However, once the song is done the enemy is surrounded by four toad samurai. These samurai bind the target and the enemy cannot be released until the user allows it. Often, the Genjutsu can be used to eliminate an enemy with the stone swords of Mount Myoboku.

5 Rasengan

Fans were waiting for this entry. After all, the Rasengan is one of the most famous techniques in the entire series, and Jiraiya is the one who introduced viewers to it. So clearly his version of it is also immensely powerful.

However, Jiraiya did not create the Rasengan. Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage, actually invented it. However, Jiraiya shows a deep knowledge of the technique. The Rasengan is about controlling a concentrated amount of chakra and rotating it at a high speed. Once mastered, the Rasengan can cause damage even more destructive than the Chidori. That fact alone makes this one of the most powerful techniques any ninja can master, period.


This technique is similar to Jiraiya’s Toad Binding Duet Genjutsu in that it can only be used with the help of the Two Great Sage Toads, Shima, and Fukasaku. When summoned, the two can help Jiraiya pull off this devastating move. It is one that fans wish they could see more of, even if it takes a lot of chakra to produce.  

Goemon is cooperation technique. Jiraiya creates a huge amount of oil that he then spits out of his mouth. At the same time, Fukasaku uses wind release to propel the oil forward in a large wave. Shima then caps off the technique by performing a fire release that heats the oil up. The result is a giant tsunami of super hot oil that burns everything in its path. This power has the ability to destroy even more enemies than the Mayhem Technique, which makes it a mammoth of a jutsu that Jiraiya can perform.

3 Sage Mode

Some of the most powerful techniques could not be possible without this entry. That is why Sage Mode is one of the most significant powers Jiraiya has. It gives him the ability to create some of the other jutsu mentioned.

Sage Mode is the ability for a ninja to use senjutsu chakra, a way of gathering on natural energy. Through this natural energy, the Sage Mode user is able to create more powerful jutsu and sees an increase in strength and durability. Sage Mode is the secret sauce that makes many of Jiraiya’s jutsu the remarkable techniques they are, so one has to appreciate where the power comes from too.


The Chief Toad of Mount Myoboku is not to be underestimated. Some fans might argue that Bunta is strong, but not as powerful as he is given credit for. That is simply not true though. Gamabunta is the key ally for Jiraiya in many of his battles and the ability to summon him is not easy. Chief Toad is stubborn and grumpy which makes him hard to deal with, however, when he works with the summoner he makes it all worth it.

After all, Gamabunta is able to cast ninjutsu on his own and he shows amazing agility for his size. Most shinobi who most battle with him and Jiraiya often find themselves overmatched for the most part. Gamabunta helps Jiraiya make some of these other jutsu more powerful (like the Toad Oil Fireball and the Mayhem Technique). So, with that in mind, clearly, this summoning jutsu is one of the most powerful abilities Jiraiya has that viewers know.


Jiraiya gets credit for crafting the most powerful iteration of the Rasengan the series has ever seen (even though the full damage potential has not truly been shown). There are many variations to the Rasengan, and a few could have made this list. However, the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan felt the most appropriate.

The technique is seen as the penultimate version. It draws on the natural energy Jiraiya is able to access in Sage Mode. This natural energy allows the user to control a Rasengan so large that is can end up being larger than the user’s body. When hit with it, an enemy will be completely destroyed. It is said the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan can carve away an entire mountain. If true, that makes this a monumental technique Jiraiya can use.

Are there any more powers Jiraiya has used in Naruto? Let us know in the comments!

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