Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy Showrunner Exits Over Creative Differences

Steven S. DeKnight has stepped down as showrunner for the new Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy. The first season of the show was about halfway through with production when DeKnight took his leave. This leaves about four episodes of the eight-episode run currently devoid of leadership.

Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the comics and graphic novel by Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely, tells the story of the offspring of a group of superheroes that saved the world during the 1930s. While the kids have inherited powers from their parents, these abilities have languished, as the children grew up spoiled and bereft of responsibility. But their lavish, carefree celebrity lifestyles come to an end when one of the older generation decides to take over the world. This leaves the new guard with no choice but to band together to stop him.

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While production on the show seemed to be running smoothly, with DeKnight having written and directed the first episode himself, Deadline reports that the showrunner/executive producer has exited the series over what is being called ‘creative differences.’ This leaves remaining executive producers Millar, Quitely, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott, along with cast members Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Matt Lanter and Mike Wade scrambling for someone new to take the helm. This will be tricky, as sources claim that no halt is planned for the production, with the integration of a new showrunner planned as a seamless step in the ongoing proceedings.

Jupiter’s Legacy is meant to be the first series in a multitude of projects Netflix has planned for Millar’s varied works. This comes after the streaming platform purchased Millar’s company, Millarworld, outright in 2017. Jupiter’s Legacy will kick off a host of comics, shows, and movies written by Millar exclusively for the company. The timing of the inception of this ‘Millarverse’ coincided remarkably close to the end of Netflix’s relationship with Marvel, which tapered off their multi-series obligations with the final season of Jessica Jones. No doubt this move was tactical, insofar as Marvel will want to reserve their future projects for the Disney+ streaming service owned by their parent company. Having left Netflix with a gaping superhero-sized hole in their programming, this Millarworld deal only makes sense for them.

The future of DeKnight’s relationship with Netflix on a more general scale is also in flux. After serving as showrunner and executive producer of the first season of the smash hit Marvel series, Daredevil, the streaming service entered into a multi-year deal with DeKnight to work on series and feature films. Whether his hasty departure from Jupiter’s Legacy will affect the rest of his tenure with Netflix remains to be seen.

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Source: Deadline

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