Netflix’s The Witcher: 10 Times Geralt Showed He Actually Cares About Jaskier

The Witcher is one of the most popular shows on Netflix thanks to a thrilling story and some memorable characters with season 2 already in production. Geralt and Jaskier rise above the rest of the cast, as the two bounce off each other perfectly, creating one of the best bromances in a TV show. Jaskier and The Witcher himself have little in common, but their need for each other never diminished throughout the season.

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Jaskier never fails to annoy Geralt, but his role as a comedic foil brings out the best of the emotionless monster hunter. Whether it’s sharing a painful memory or simply telling him he can’t get a good night’s sleep, Jaskier has been there for Geralt, and vice versa. With that, here are 10 times Geralt showed he actually cares about Jaskier from season one of The Witcher.

10 Saved Him from Torque

Early in their relationship Geralt and Jaskier don’t get along at all, but when they’re faced with a life or death situation, Geralt works to save both of them. Their encounter with Torque proves Geralt is just as capable with words as he is with a sword, saving them from a grizzly execution in the middle of nowhere. Though he may have been saving himself, Geralt was able to convince Torque and co. to spare both of them, saving them and marking the beginning of the dynamic duo’s friendship.

9 Attended the Ball with Jaskier

Dancing doesn’t seem up Geralt’s alley, but he reluctantly agreed to attend at Jaskier’s request. Surrounded by members of the royal court, Geralt is not amongst friends until Duny shows up. Drunk and bitter, most of his interactions with the leaders of Cintra involve jokes directed at him and comments on his bloody past.

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But it’s his will to ignore them and keep quiet that shows Geralt can be the better man for the sake of a friend. Although he was able to prove his worth towards Ciri, Geralt would not have gone had it not been for Jaskier. The bathing scene before it all was even better, with the two acting like a parent and child, as Geralt is in no mood to attend a royal ball.

8 Saved him from Bandits and the Dragon

What Jaskier lacks in fighting prowess he makes up in musical talent, but that doesn’t help him on a quest to slay a dragon. Geralt must not only protect himself, but constantly be looking over his shoulder to make sure Jaskier isn’t being cut down by any foes and monsters. When the dragon is found and his allies turn against him, Geralt and Yennefer are left fighting for their life while Jaskier is left behind. But even after his arrival, he’s still in danger with both Geralt and Yennefer saving him. Funny yes, but annoying for someone who works alone.

7 Found a Mage to Save His Life

When choking on his blood, Geralt didn’t hesitate to find him a mage to save his life. He walked to the nearest encampment for help, only realizing a mage of special power can save Jaskier from a slow and painful death. Did this stop him? Of course not, even if it meant meeting Yennefer at a raging orgy.

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Geralt may be a man of few words, but his will to act quickly never fails, even it’s for someone who pushes his buttons daily.

6 Prevented Him From Dying On a Hill

Before the showdown with the dragon, Jaskier ran into a monster on a hill, one that was more than capable of killing him. Being the pacifist he is, Geralt stepped in once he realized what happened. Geralt not only cared about the well being of Jaskier, but the monster as well. He may be a Witcher, but his understanding of animals and creatures alike is unparalleled. Unfortunately, he was left upset knowing the beast could have been scared off instead of killed. This was a small scene, but enough to show Geralt’s heart for friends and foes.

5 Helped his Music Career

Geralt has a profound impact on Jaskier’s music career, writing songs in his honor as a means to thank him for saving him from certain death. Though he may not care for his voice, and even compares it to finding a pie with no filling, Geralt helped create a legacy for the two of them.

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With Jaskier’s music career on the mend, Geralt can finally be remembered as a good person rather than a monster with nicknames like the Butcher of Blaviken. So toss a coin to your witcher and thank him for his services.

4 Is Always Honest With Him

This may be general, but one thing fans can’t deny about Geralt is his brutal honesty and objective mindset. Though not subtle about it, Geralt is truthful in how he feels and always stands by his beliefs. Besides, Geralt is battered by society constantly for being a Witcher and a mutant, not a human. But with his gifts comes a person whose objective mindset can be the balance between chaos and peace, after all, evil is evil. In the context of Jaskier, he can always rely on Geralt’s brooding and moody chats for an opinion on topics ranging from sex to singing.

3 Protected Him from Royal Prosecution

Jaskier has a promiscuous history, finding his way into bed with courtly ladies and angering some royal husbands. He almost loses it all at the ball (no pun intended) to a vengeful court member if it weren’t for Geralt. Saying he was kicked by an ox as a child, Jaskier narrowly escapes some royal prosecution and further dismemberment.

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Lighthearted and funny, Geralt was the perfect wingman in this scene, sticking up for his only friend at the ball. Fans can only hope there’ll be more scenes like this as the two continue their bromance into Season 2.

2 Discusses His Insomnia with Him

Geralt isn’t one to open up about his feelings, but when pushed into a corner he will. When looking for a djinn, Geralt is careful not to lose his temper despite Geraltr’s persistence. After all, the poor man can’t get a good night’s sleep and just wants his wishes granted by a magical creature. Patience is a virtue, and Geralt certainly has it in this scene as Jaskier pushes his buttons relentlessly. Geralt could have gotten rid of him but chose not to.

1 Bathes at Jaskier’s Request

Royal balls aren’t exactly Geralt’s scene, requiring him to take a bath beforehand. Jaskier not only talked at him, yes at him, for the duration of the scene, but teased him about his sex life. On the upside, this is a milestone in their relationship as Geralt would never do something like this.

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His reluctance to attend is furthered by his silence in the bath, but he still went along with Jaskier’s request. This is without a doubt one of the funniest scenes in the season, with Geralt out of his element in the biggest way possible.

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