Nintendo Switch VS. Switch Lite: Which Should You Buy?

The Nintendo Switch was truly one of the most revolutionary consoles of recent years. Due to its unique ability to be both a portable, handheld console and a traditional, TV-based console, the Nintendo Switch managed to connect two arms of its video game market.

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The Switch’s hybrid nature allows for those games that would be traditionally exclusive to the handheld market, such as Pokémon, to finally appear on our TVs, making our experiences of the game far more immersive than before. However, the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite may be confusing to some consumers due to its handheld only design. This article will introduce both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, showing why you may want to get one over the other.

8 Nintendo Switch

The original Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. This means that it can act as both a traditional home gaming console and as a portable, handheld console. Straight out of the box, you can attach the joy-cons the Switch screen and begin playing your console directly on the device.

However, if you wish to play on your big screen, you simply detach the joy-cons and slide your Switch into the dock, allowing you to play your game on the big screen.

7 Nintendo Switch Lite

While the original Nintendo Switch was a hybrid console with detachable joy-cons, the Nintendo Switch Lite, released in 2019, was solely a handheld device.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, as suggested by the name, is lighter than the original and also boasts a longer-lasting battery; however, this is at the expense of detachable joy-cons and the ability to act as a home console.

6 Price

If your decision is heavily based around the price of the device, then you may want to choose the Nintendo Switch Lite. The original Nintendo Switch is priced at 300 USD, whereas the Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at 2oo USD. This means that you will have an extra hundred dollars to spend on games for your console, rather than relying solely on whatever game comes with your device.

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While the Switch Lite is priced one hundred dollars less than the Nintendo Switch, there are some trade-offs. It is important to remember that the Switch Lite is purely a handheld console, so if you want to play Switch games on your home TV, you will have to spend an extra hundred dollars to get the original Nintendo Switch.

5 Do You Just Want A Handheld Console?

If you’re solely in the market for a handheld console rather than a traditional home console, you should consider getting the Switch Lite. The original Switch was marketed as a hybrid console, allowing you to play in both handheld and docked modes; however, the Switch Lite forgoes this hybrid ability in favor of a purely handheld method of gaming.

If you have no intention of using the Switch as a home console in docked mode, then it would make sense to opt for the Switch Lite and pay $100 dollars less.

4 Splash Of Color?

If you want your Switch to be more colorful, not counting joy-cons, then you may want to consider buying a Nintendo Switch Lite. The console comes in 3 standard colors, yellow, turquoise, and grey. So if you want to add a splash of color, you should look no further than the Switch Lite.

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That being said, if you prefer exclusive Switch releases then you may have to consider buying the original Switch. Not only are there Dragonquest and Smash Bros Switches, but there is also an Animal Crossing Switch coming out in 2020. So if you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, you may be hard-pressed not to buy it.

3 Gaming With Friends?

If you enjoy gaming with friends in a single room, whether it be a night of Smash Bros, Just Dance, or Mario Kart, then you really can look no further than the original Switch. This console allows you to play on your TV in docked mode, allowing for an easier gaming experience than crowding around a small screen.

Additionally, the detachable joy-cons also allow for easy two-player modes. You no longer have to buy another controller as each detachable joy-con works as a single controller, meaning that, if you and your friend are bored at college or school, you can just detach the controllers, prop up the screen, and have a quick game of Mario Kart or Smash Bros.

2 Travel Gaming

While both versions of the Nintendo Switch are portable, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the far more portable of the two consoles. Not only is the Switch Lite, as its name suggests, far lighter than the other model, but it is also smaller and far easier to carry. This makes it more comfortable to use for longer periods of time, whether it be traveling in a car or by plane.

Another way in which the Nintendo Switch Lite is better for traveling is its battery life. The Switch Lite has a longer-lasting battery than the original Switch, which is perfect for travelers who will not be able to rely on plug sockets for an extended period of time.

1 Which Should You Buy?

Deciding between which version of the Switch to buy depends entirely upon your own circumstances and what you want from your device. If you want a device that is able to be a home console and a handheld, then you should opt for the Nintendo Switch. While it is a hundred dollars more expensive than the Switch Lite, it will certainly be worth it if you’re looking for a hybrid gaming device.

However, if you’re looking for a device that you can use to play games on the go and don’t want to pay too much for it, then you should opt for the Nintendo Switch Lite. You get to save 100 dollars (and spend it on games), while also getting some amazing color options for your new console. So, while both consoles are fantastic in their own right and will certainly satisfy your Nintendo cravings, you should think carefully about what you want from your device before rushing in to buy one.

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