No Man’s Sky Update Adds Creepy Living Ships With Tentacle Cockpits

The new update for No Man’s Sky is adding living ships that can be upgraded using organic materials. The creepy living ships are a part of update 2.3 that released yesterday, and is available for download now.

No Man’s Sky has had an amazing turn around in the last year. The things that were originally promised to fans were so extravagant that they seemed to good to be true. This proved to be an accurate assumption, as No Man’s Sky was a massive disappointment upon release. Most of the ideas that were promised didn’t make it into the game, and a lot of the gameplay was repetitive. Several free updates have been provided since launch, and now it has truly become the game that was originally promised. The expansive No Man’s Sky NEXT Update has utterly changed the game in a way that hardly resembles the original launch title.

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The creator of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, took to Twitter yesterday to announce everything that would be coming with the new update. The Living Ship aspect is probably the biggest change that the update is introducing, as the sentient star ships can now be added to player’s fleets. These ships are fleshy ship shaped creatures that even have a tentacle covered cockpit. Additionally, players can upgrade these ships with organic materials and hatch new ships from eggs.

There are other important aspects to this update as well. Players will have access to a string of new missions called “Starbirth” that give background infromation for how and why the Living Ships were created. While traveling through star systems there will also be brand new creatures and objects that players can encounter. One of the more interesting features though is that NPCs can now hail the player’s ship, and will either sell items, request assistance, or even engage players with more nefarious intentions. Finally, this update is also adding in several quality of life features and bug fixes to optimize No Man’s Sky.

Those who have only played No Man’s Sky after several updates may find it hard to believe that the game used to be so bad. The title quickly went from one of the biggest gaming disappointments of all time to one of the most interesting space exploring titles ever. The new Living Ship update is incredibly creepy and odd, but it also fits perfectly in No Man’s Sky’s extremely odd world.

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No Man’s Sky can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Sean Murray and No Man’s Sky

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