Not Just Supernatural: The Horror Films of Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are best known for playing Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural, but they’ve appeared in horror films as well. After 15 long years on the air, next spring will see the end finally arrive for Supernatural, one of the most popular horror series in TV history. It’s been a rocky road for Sam and Dean, who’ve saved the world multiple times, lost and regained loved ones, and have both entered Hell itself more than once.

As much as Padalecki and Ackles love their Supernatural characters and the show’s legion of fans, Supernatural‘s ending will finally allow two very talented actors to spread their wings a bit and take on new roles. This is something they’ve rarely gotten to do during Supernatural‘s run, as the show normally produces 20-plus episodes per season, making it nearly impossible to juggle outside projects. It’ll be interesting to see where they turn up next, and whether or not they remain fixtures in the horror genre.

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Speaking of horror though, Supernatural isn’t the only time either Padalecki or Ackles stepped into the realm of fright fare, having each starred in more than one horror film. It’s a bit weird for Supernatural diehards to see the pair in different roles, but it’s interesting to look at their horror resumes nonetheless, resumes that may soon be added to.

Jared Padalecki’s first horror film role came in 2005, the very year Supernatural premiered. Padalecki starred in House of Wax, a remake of the classic 1953 film starring Vincent Price, which is so well-regarded it’s been preserved by the U.S. Library of Congress. The remake didn’t live up to the original, either critically or commercially. Interestingly, Padalecki co-starred with Paris Hilton in the film, who later popped up on Supernatural. Also in 2005, Padalecki played a prominent role in the now mostly forgotten slasher flick Cry Wolf, opposite Lindy Booth.

Padalecki’s most high-profile horror film role to date came in 2009’s criminally underrated Friday the 13th remake, and it was pretty cool for Supernatural fans to see the man behind Sam Winchester go head-to-head with Jason Voorhees himself. Padalecki played Clay Miller, a man searching for his sister Whitney, who it turns out had been abducted by Jason. Only Clay and Whitney end up surviving Jason’s rampage, although a last minute scare ultimately leaves their fates ambiguous.

Jensen Ackles’ horror film resume is shorter than Jared Padalecki’s but still contains entries of note. His first horror movie role came in 2005, which as mentioned before, was the year Supernatural debuted. Ackles played lead character Jake Gray in the direct to video Devour, which sees his character’s life turned upside down by a Satanic live-action online roleplaying game. Interestingly, future Superman actor Henry Cavill would star in the similarly themed Hellaiser: Hellworld in that same year. In 2009, the same year Padalecki fronted the remake of Friday the 13th, Ackles starred in a horror remake of his own, My Bloody Valentine 3D. In a fun bit of contrast, while Padalecki’s character was the hero of Friday the 13th, Ackles’ My Bloody Valentine character, Tom Hanniger, turned out to have been the masked killer all along.

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