Original Lost Star Thinks A Prequel Or Reboot Could Totally Work

Original series actor Jorge Garcia has ideas on how a Lost prequel or reboot could work. The series revolutionized television when it premiered on ABC in 2004, introducing J.J. Abrams’ “mystery box” storytelling approach, and bringing terms like “flash-sideways” into the lexicon. But by the time Lost left the air in 2010, many believed its legacy was mostly one of frustration and disappointment after the endlessly twisty sci-fi thriller series finally became lost in its own tangled mythology.

Despite the series ultimately letting down many of its loyal viewers, Lost remains a popular topic of pop culture conversation almost ten years after it aired its controversial final episode, and even continues to fuel its fair share of amusing memes. Given the show’s lingering appeal, it’s natural to ask whether it could ultimately be brought back in some form, either via a prequel or a full-on reboot. Speculation about a potential Lost revisit was indeed given fuel back in February when ABC president Karey Burke said she’d be interested in a reboot, though she was careful to say no actual discussions were underway.

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As talk of a possible Lost reboot continues to hang in the air, original series actor Garcia – who played the beloved character Hurley on the series – has weighed in with his opinion. Speaking to The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast, Garcia threw out some possible reboot scenarios that he believes would make sense. He said:

There’s tons of stuff from before that just barely scratched the surface, as far as like before our plane crashed, what happened on that island, which could all be worthy stories. Or, even if there was just a full reboot, and kind of like see someone else play our archetypes kind of thing. Or what they’ll do, like this time this person is a woman. You know, or something like that. Kind of like, look what we did. Yeah, I’m cool with it.

As Garcia mentioned, there is indeed an entire mythology surrounding the series’ main island setting that could be mined for more stories, though Lost did have many opportunities to deal with that backstory itself during its original run, sometimes devoting entire episodes to the origin stories of single characters. Garcia also proposes a full reboot that revisits the original characters but puts different twists on them, including swapping genders in some cases (gender-swapping is of course always a slightly risky proposition).

If there is a series in recent history that would seemingly warrant some kind of revisit, Lost would arguably be the one, given its already rich mythology and persistent pop culture presence. Fans no doubt would love the opportunity to dive back into some of the show’s lingering mysteries and perhaps finally get the resolutions that never came in the original series. But as appealing as that possibility might be, it arguably might be even more interesting to simply start over with the same premise as the original and a whole new cast, and let a new group of writers take a crack at developing an on-going story that, maybe, was able to avoid some of the pitfalls that eventually led to so much frustration for fans of the original.

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Source: The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast

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