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Here’s a cast and character guide for 1991 action thriller Out For Justice. Prior to his first movie Above The Law, Steven Seagal had worked as a stunt coordinator and choreographer on several productions like James Bond adventures A View To A Kill and Never Say Never Again; he broke the wrist of star Sean Connery on the latter during rehearsals. Above The Law from director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) cast him as a cop and was not only his big screen debut, he also co-wrote the script. His use of martial art aikido during fight scenes was impressive to audiences back in 1988, resulting in the movie becoming a surprise hit.

Steven Seagal followed up with two more hits with Hard To Kill – where he plays a cop who comes out of a seven-year coma to seek revenge – and Marked For Death. Out For Justice cast him as yet another cop, though the movie’s title was originally The Price Of Our Blood and was nearly a half-hour longer. It was retitled to capitalize on the proven three-word formula of Seagal movie titles and re-edited to put more of an emphasis on action over drama. The film was another success and was noted for the brutality of its fight scenes, including the end battle between Seagal and villain Richie, which makes creative use of a corkscrew.

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Let’s take a look back on Out For Justice’s main cast and the characters they play.

Steven Seagal – Gino Felino

Steven Seagal (Machete) plays Detective Gino, a cop with strong ties to his Brooklyn neighborhood who goes on a one-man quest to find his partner’s killer. Gino also has ties to the mob from his neighborhood and is dealing with a divorce from his wife Vicky. While Gino shows his softer side while spending time with his son or rescuing a puppy, he’s frequently brutal when dealing with suspects.

William Forsythe – Richie Madano

Out For Justice’s main villain Richie (William Forsythe, Boardwalk Empire) kicks off a firestorm when he murders a cop in broad daylight. He spends the rest of the day doing drugs or committing other self-destructive acts while Gino and the mob chase after him. Forsythe’s fierce performance dominates the movie, with Seagal reportedly cutting some of his scenes out for fear he was stealing his thunder.

Jerry Orbach – Captain Donziger

The late, great Jerry Orbach (Law & Order) plays Captain Donziger in Out For Justice, who lets Gino off the leash when it comes to finding Richie. Sadly, Orbach isn’t given much to do in the story aside from updating Gino on the latest bodycount.

Jo Champa – Vicky Felino

Jo Champa (CSI: Miami) plays Vicky Felino in Out For Justice, Gino’s wife. The pair are in the midst of a divorce when the Richie manhunt begins, but they later reconcile after Gino opens up with a story about his father.

Gina Gershon – Pattie Madano

Bound’s Gina Gershon plays Pattie in Out For Justice, Richie’s sister. Gino pretty much antagonizes Richie’s entire family, including his father (Dominic Chianese, The Sopranos), in the hopes of flushing Richie out of hiding. This includes Pattie, who he arrests for no real reason.

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