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Pop Fiction: Season 3: Episode 27: Crash Course

We feel the need for speed in our quest to unlock Nitros Oxide.…

Pop Fiction: Season 3: Episode 26: I AM ERMAC

Ed Boon reveals the truth behind Mortal Kombat's mysterious…

Pop Fiction: Season 2: Episode 23: Saving Purple Yoshi [Updated]

Do more playable Yoshi's exist past the already playable 8…

Pop Fiction: Season 1: Episode 1 - The Chris Houlihan Room [Updated]

The first episode of this new GT Original finally sets the…

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Nicholas Cage: His 5 Best Movies (And 5 Worst)

No matter what anyone tries to say, Nicolas Cage is a great actor. He played an alcoholic trying to kill himself in a heartbreaking drama that won him an Academy Award and he also successfully satirized Batman alongside a 13-year-old girl saying the C-word, so it’s safe to say that this is an actor with […]