Parks & Rec: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)


For seven seasons we fell in love with the Parks & Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope led the way as her fearless team followed behind in their constant quest for making Pawnee a better place.

Throughout 125 episodes, we saw how Pawnee’s government was ran and witnessed a few love connections being made along the way. Many Parks and Rec fans adored Ben and Leslie from the start, but what about Leslie and Mark or Leslie and Dave? Were those relationships — if you could call Leslie and Mark’s one-night-stand a relationship — just as great?  The same can be said for Ron and his Tammys, Ann and her multiple dates, and Tom and his ex-wife.

Looking back, we’ve seen a lot of relationships in Parks and Recreation come and go, so why not go through a few of the couples and see which ones fans truly adore and which they wish never happened.



Leslie met David Sanderson, aka Dave the Cop, after Tom was arrested in Season 2. Trying to defend her friend, Leslie gets real lippy with Dave and tries everything she can to set Tom free. Through her efforts, she and Dave sparked a bit of a love connection.

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They seem to have a lot in common considering they’re both government employees and have a passion for their jobs. We didn’t see these two in action nearly as often as we did with Ben and Leslie, but they did seem smitten in their time together. Sadly, the pair broke up when Dave moved to California for work and Leslie chose to stay in Pawnee.


After a quick gaze at the internet’s Parks and Recreation boards, not many were thrilled when Ann decided to give Tom a chance. Fans thought it was lame that her character felt compelled to date him just because he made her laugh. The couple rarely had anything in common and they even had a countdown for how many days they could go without fighting. It was a glorious day for fans when these two broke up. They were one couple who shouldn’t have ever happened. However, it should be worth noting that Tom isn’t as bad as The Douche when Ann was looking for sperm.


There is no one on this Parks and Recreation earth who’s better for Ron than Diane. She’s smart, witty, and understands a deeply straight-forward mind. She even fell in love with his parenting methods although he didn’t have any kids when they met.

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Fans knew these two were meant for one another when Diane actually went to Ron’s woodworking award ceremony and supported his craft even though she didn’t understand it. She also handed Tammy 2 crashing the party like a real boss.


The relationship between Ann and Mark is torn. Some fans loved how honest and open Ann is with him, while others think she’s anything but. Ann falls for Mark because he’s young, attractive, and has his head on straight. Unlike her ex-boyfriend Andy, Mark has a job and knows how to take care of himself. Many think that’s all Ann really liked about Mark.

Over time, we see Mark falling deeper and deeper for Ann while she kind of checks out. She never givse herself enough time to be single after Andy, and that shows in her relationship with Mark.


Donna Meagle is honest, sassy, and has a few tricks up her sleeve. She’s one quiet businesswoman who you wouldn’t know is successful until she lists off all the things she has in the works. Donna stays single for a majority of Parks and Rec. and that’s just the way she likes it. She loves to play the field and does it beautifully.

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In Season 6, though, we learn about Joe. After a discussion with Ron, we find out Donna does weird things when she’s around Joe and he’s a bad influence on her. But what we really come to find out is that he’s a very reliable and mature partner who cares about Donna. She eventually gives in to Joe’s charms and the pair marry in Season 7.


When Chris Traeger was tired of being lonely, all he wanted was a woman with amazing dimples and a good heart — in walks Shauna Malwae-Tweep. A local journalist, Shauna has been popping up in Parks and Rec.s seven seasons whenever news needed to be covered. After sleeping with Mark and trying to hit it off with Andy and Ben, it was clear she was also looking for love. However, the age difference was too apparent with this couple. Shauna always opted for group dates and never let Chris know her intentions. Sure, she made Chris feel whole for a little while, but it definitely wasn’t a match — no matter how cute her dimples were.


April had a silent crush on Andy since the start. If you rewatch the series, you’ll catch her small gazes at him. The two are both so childlike and innocent that it seemed weird they didn’t get together sooner.

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Unlike Ann, April really encourages Andy to chase his musical talent. She supports him, listening to his music, and even managing him for a little while. Likewise, Andy doesn’t know how to push his wife in the direction of her dreams, but he supports her mentally and lets her know how awesome she is, regardless of the turnout. These two crazy kids have love on their side.


You either loved the Saperstein siblings or you hated them; there was no in-between. Similar to her brother Jean-Ralphio, Mona-Lisa is also entitled, vain, and money-hungry. Knowing that Tom is her twin brother’s BFF doesn’t stop her from making a move on him, and when she does, Tom locks her down (oddly). She does help him by working for him, but she causes more problems than anything. Mona-Lisa always wanted to leave early, napped on the job, and pretty much slept with Tom whenever he was angry. It was weird… they were weird.


I dare you to try and find 10 things wrong with Leslie and Ben. They’re the ultimate power couple. They are insanely supportive of one another, work well together, and Ben even sacrificed a government position so that the pair could be together. Their love is strong in many ways thanks to their friendship. Fans were thrilled when Ben broke the ice and asked Leslie if she felt as strongly for him as he did for her. It was the start of something new and it worked out for them in the end.


Let’s be honest, none of Ron’s exes were really “normal.” Well, besides Wendy Haverford — Tom’s ex-wife. He was married two times before he married Diane and they were to two different Tammys. While Tammy 2 was borderline crazy in love with Ron, Tammy 1 is by far the worst.

Being an older woman, she practically groomed Ron to be her little lover boy. She babysat him, taught him, and he eventually lost his virginity to her. It was all so…wrong. Tammy 1 pops back into his life for a little while, but Leslie squashes that almost as soon as it starts. Ron isn’t perfect, but no one deserves that kind of abuse.

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