Power Rangers’ Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Better Than Justice League’s

Power Rangers may not have beaten Justice League at the box-office but the film still managed to score higher on Rotten Tomatoes. Power Rangers was the big screen comeback for the iconic franchise, with the previous movie being 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The new film starred Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and took a more grounded tone to the somewhat cheesy source material.

The movie also came out in 2017, the same year as Justice League. Zack Snyder’s film went through a famously troubled production, with the studio concerned over the film’s tone following the polarising response to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Snyder stepped away from the project due to a family tragedy, with Joss Whedon jumping onboard to oversee extensive reshoots and re-edits. The results were far from seamless, with most reviews pointing out the clash of styles between Snyder and his replacement.

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The response to both high-profile blockbusters was very mixed, but Power Rangers Rotten Tomatoes score shows the film had a warmer critical reception than Justice League. Power Rangers currently sits at 49% based on 162 reviews. While the film was criticized for its strange tonal shifts and product placement, the casting was well received and the film was noted for being the first to feature an LGBTQ superhero in Becky G’s Yellow Ranger.

Justice League, on the other hand, sits at 40% based on 362 reviews. The film received a litany of bad reviews based on the clash of tones between Snyder and Whedon’s footage, the uninspired story and villain and the quality of the CGI, particularly with regard to Henry Cavill’s upper lip. Cavill was shooting Mission: Impossible – Fallout during the reshoot period for Justice League but was unable to shave off his mustache for the additional filming, leading to it being badly airbrushed over in the final product.

While Power Rangers Rotten Tomatoes score is higher, it should be noted Justice League received a 73% audience score, compared to Power Rangers 66% score. Justice League also received 200 more reviews than Power Rangers and was the definite champion at the box-office. Justice League grossed over $650 million worldwide, compared to Power Rangers modest $142 million haul.

Justice League was supposed to be the movie that cemented the DCEU, but the critical and commercial response has seen them move away from it. There’s no sign of a sequel, Ben Affleck has since departed the franchise and Aquaman was a much bigger hit. Power Rangers Rotten Tomatoes score aside, the movie was a definite a box-office letdown, though the merchandise sales mean that while a sequel is still possible, a total reboot is the more likely option.

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