Property Brothers Publishing Magazine About Decor, Home Reno, & ‘Living Life to the Fullest’

The stars of Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are pushing the envelope for what’s possible for them by moving in a new direction – the magazine business. The magazine they are launching, still unnamed, will consist of tips on decor, home reno, and most importantly about “living life to the fullest.”

Property Brothers, a staple of HGTV since 2011, consists of twin brothers Jonathan and Drew who help couples transform their fixer-uppers into dream homes, with the help of older brother JD, they use 3D programing to imagine how they will transform the space. Then, the potential home buyers decide whether to take the risk on the renovation or not. In their new spinoff, Property Brothers: Forever Home, the original concept is flipped on its head, as the families they work with have already decided on their home as being “the one.”

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According to People, the 41-year-old twin brothers are now adding more ventures to their portfolio, as they are launching their new lifestyle magazine that will hit newsstands in January 2020. The HGTV stars partnered with Meredith Corporation, which just so happens to be People’s parent company, on a quarterly print publication. The brothers are planning to announce the name of their magazine in the next few weeks will be available in the new year for $9.99 per issue or $20 for an annual subscription of four issues. The brothers are very excited about their new venture. Jonathan said in a press release, “We love print and have always wanted to extend our message of living life to the fullest through this medium.”

Drew added, “For us, it’s always been about taking the small, simple steps that earn big results at home, work, rest and play.” He continued, “With a platform like this, we get to develop a consistent and thoughtful way of sharing great ideas and actionable insights with our audiences.” The subject matter for the magazine is very diverse, but it will primarily focus on subjects the Property Brothers are known for, such as home renovation and home decor. According to the press release, there will also be exclusive insight into the HGTV stars’ love of “entertaining, family, food, gardening, outdoor living, wellness, music, travel and more.” The magazine will also showcase bold photography and a limited amount of advertisements that will give the readers a unique magazine experience.

It seems that the Property Brothers were inspired by fellow HGTV stars, Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines and their publication that is also a lifestyle quarterly – Magnolia Journal. It seems the Property Brothers’ empire will just continue to grow as they will reach more and more people with their magazine. Fans will have to look out for the publication hitting newsstands this new year, until then, they can get their home renovation fix by watching the twins on Property Brothers.

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Source: People

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