Quiet Place 2: Cillian Murphy in Talks to Join Sequel

Cillian Murphy is in talks to join A Quiet Place 2. The first film in the series from actor-turned-director John Krasinski was something of a surprise smash hit, bringing in over $300 million on an astonishing $17 million budget. Since then, a sequel has been announced, with both Krasinski and co-star Emily Blunt returning.

A big part of the reason for A Quiet Place’s success was its highly unique concept, in which a family struggles to survive after the earth’s population has been decimated by a breed of alien creatures that hunt based on sound. Reduced to having to communicate by whispers and sign language, Krasinski’s character Lee Abbott and his pregnant wife Evelyn (Blunt) rig their rural home with numerous traps and precautions to safeguard their young family. With filming on the sequel reportedly set for this summer, casting rumors have begun to crop up and fans of the original are eager to see exactly who will be joining Krasinski and Blunt this time around.

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The latest name currently being circulated for the sequel according to THR is Cillian Murphy. The Irish star is reportedly in talks to join A Quiet Place 2 as a mysterious stranger who joins the Abbott family as they continue to struggle with life on a planet that has been drastically altered from its present state.

Should Murphy officially commit to the upcoming project, it will mark the sequel’s first confirmed new cast member. Previous reports have revealed that child actors Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe will return as the children of Lee and Evelyn, but to date there have been no brand new additions to the cast. As Krasinski – who once again took on scripting duties for the film – has previously mentioned, A Quiet Place 2 may be more open to explore the lives of other survivors beyond the Abbot family. If this is indeed the case, then the inclusion of Murphy could be reflective of the plot, by creating a potentially new hazard for the Abbott family to deal with. Should that be the case, Murphy is indeed an excellent choice to play a villain, with past experience as super villain The Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

Sequels to highly successful films are often fraught with risk. Not that all films aren’t filled with a great degree of uncertainty, but this characteristic is typically amplified when the characters and concepts are already familiar to audiences. After making such an impact with the first film, Krasinski definitely has his work cut out for him. The upside to all this, however, is that it is in fact, Krasinski who has once again written the screenplay and who will be returning to the director’s chair. All too often, problems arise when the mastermind behind a successful film’s sequel isn’t involved at any level beyond producing. With this in mind and the potential inclusion of a great actor like Cillian Murphy, A Quiet Place 2 could indeed make some serious noise.

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Source: THR

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