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In Wynonna Earp, our reluctant heroine, Wynonna, is blessed or cursed as the Earp heir. With her gun, Peacemaker, she kills or harms demons. Her main goal is to take care of the revenants, demons that once were the outlaws Wyatt killed. Supposedly, their number is 77. Some of the revenants are particularly powerful and interesting, while others blend in with the rough scenery. Once she shoots them back to hell, they eventually return, and the next Earp heir is tasked with the same mission.

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In addition, her gun can kill or harm other demons. The series introduces various demons to us, each with different characteristics and powers. There are different types and categories of demons. As such, we are going to list them in terms of their specific type, and rank them from least powerful to most menacing and troubling for Wynonna and her friends.

11 Creepy Eats: Krakinos

We meet Krakinos in Season 2 when the gang starts working for the Black Badge Division. Krakinos is essentially a big gross spider that lays many eggs. While the yuck factor is definitely there, this demon was pretty easy to kill. Possessed Waverly even eats the dead demon as a snack, proving that when you are truly hungry, nearly anything will do.

10 Brief But Creepy: Shopkeeper And Doll

Doc, in a sentimental moment, purchases a painting for Wynonna. While definitely a painting that would make one question Doc’s taste, they don’t notice a weird porcelain doll etched in its canvas. Though it isn’t clear if the doll is a completely separate demon from the shopkeeper, it is clear that they are working together towards a common goal: to get Doc’s ring, a ring that once belonged to Bulshar. The doll keeps on growing larger and soon is out of the canvas. Even though she’s easily taken down by Peacemaker, her presence shows that there exist a range of demons we don’t yet know, some capable of strange abilities. Thankfully, the Peacemaker can kill or harm all.

9 Immortal And Beloved: The Vampires

Though the vampires haven’t been discussed in terms of being demons, it is pretty certain that they are either demons or something between human and demon. Doc becomes a demon, changed by Kate. When Wynonna goes with Peacemaker to kill Kate, she knows that Peacemaker wouldn’t do the deed. Kate proves a more complicated character and isn’t killed by Wynonna.

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Vampires have super strength and heal by the darkness, but they have enough humanity and noble values that they can also be good. However, Doc’s struggle in controlling his vampire nature shows that if the vampire loses track of who they were and their nobles values, they could easily turn into demons that aren’t worth befriending or worthy of redemption.

8 Dream Spell: Hypnos

We feel for Hypnos; he wasn’t that bad of a demon. When his daughter is kidnapped by the Widows, he is made to perform his magic by spinning a web of dreams. All humans become twisted in this web. Wynonna’s very pregnant belly is the other thing that doesn’t seem affected by Hypnos, showing that her child is special and has powers.

In the end, Wynonna does slay him, although she doesn’t want to and feels pushed into doing it. Hypnos wasn’t a bad demon; he was just one demon with a large amount of power, a power that frightens others of what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands.

7 Reunion Trophy: Marzaniok

Marzanoik is a terrifying genie. True, he grants you your wishes, but they come at a price. After 10 years, he kills you. This was happening to the hockey team at Wynonna’s high school. She is able to stop it, but it is difficult. All they can do is trap the genie in the trophy again.

Briefly, it is awakened to the wishes of the Iron Witch, who misses her twin, the Blacksmith. Otherwise, we don’t see much of this demon, proving as long as you don’t awaken the demon in the trophy, you will be fine.

6 A Poisoned Web: The Widows, Sister Wives

Two of Bulshar’s wives get out of their crates and wreak havoc. They take the faces, quite literally, of Wynonna’s friend Mercedes and Mercedes’ sister, Beth. Their touch can literally kill a person. Still, they are singularly focused on freeing Bulshar. The widow with Mercedes’ face does decide to strike out on her own, somewhat motivated by Wynonna and her strength, but her reign doesn’t last long.

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Doc and Wynonna kill both widows with some fancy gunplay–splitting a bullet at just the right time to go both directions. These two were powerful. There was a reason that Bulshar kept them around, and it wasn’t for their great company.

5 Don’t Touch The Goo: Mictian

Waverly leans down and touches the goo. Little do those around her now, she is infected by Mictian, a demon. This demon scares other demons and is capable of regenerating appendages–proven when she heals Waverly. The demon possesses Wynonna as well. What is frightening is how secretively the demon possesses the Earps, especially Waverly. For instance, Waverly is still there, but occasionally the demon pushes through and takes over. Additionally, the powers that the demon gives to the possessed human are intoxicating.

It is through Mictian that we learn that Wynonna is pregnant; Mictian complains that it is a little too crowded in Wynonna’s body. We also learn from Mictian that it had a hard time in Waverly, stating that Waverly was too strong. Waverly was originally presented to the viewer as the damsel in distress that Wynonna had to save in Season 1, Episode 1. It is nice to see more acknowledgment of Waverly’s strength, even if that acknowledgment comes from a demon.

4 The Demon Half: Jolene

Jolene’s entrance is brief, only one episode, but striking. We learn that Jolene is Waverly’s demon twin. When Waverly was born, half-angel, the universe balanced all that good with a little bad. The little bad was Jolene, a demon that lived a wretched life in Waverly’s shadow and hated Waverly for it. We learn that Jolene has been plaguing the Earp-Gibson household for some time, and is a reason why Michelle (their mother) stayed away. She was trying to protect her daughters. Michelle feared what the demon half would do once it found Waverly.

Jolene altered their reality and included herself in it. Bewitching the Earp sisters and friends through the most delightful array of pastries, she influenced them. She set the scene for Waverly’s downfall, trying to make Waverly feel as isolated and unloved as Jolene herself felt. Jolene wanted Waverly dead, but thankfully, she didn’t count on Waverly’s inner strength. Still, a demon that can alter reality like this and stalk the family for years, ranks high on the list.

3 Mercy Kill: The Stone Witch And Her Demon Children

Constance is one of Bulshar’s wives, but she is the most interesting, partly because she embraced her power long ago. She is mentioned as Bulshar’s favorite due to her power. By making Doc immortal (something he had wanted), she put him at the bottom of a well, isolating him for decades. She also took Willa Earp away from the revenant, Bobo, taking Willa’s memories away as well. Her power seemed limitless.

Throughout her whole journey, she tried to recover her supernatural children. While she almost gets them back, she doesn’t fully. We wonder what would have happened to her power had she gotten her children back.

Though not specifically addressed as a demon, Wynonna does ultimately kill her with Peacemaker. The Stone Witch had been resurrected to be Bulshar’s slave. She pulls Wynonna’s gun to her head, asking Wynonna to kill her. It is a mercy kill. There are other witches in Wynonna Earp; most aren’t truly evil. Although the Fire Witch could be considered a demon as well, it is really mainly the Stone Witch who belongs on this list.

2 The Curse And Family Legacy: Revenants

In total, there are 77 revenants, many of whom we haven’t met. Some of the revenants are frightening; others aren’t too bright. There are some that are sympathetic, like Rosita. Others are like a fly on the wall, irritating but do little damage.

Then there are Bobo, Lou, and the Jack of Knives. Lou changes reality and punishes those from his cult who flee. He is frightening, but luckily once Willa and Wynonna team up, they take him down and save the women in his cult. Bobo and Jack of Knives are both the worst and the best of the revenants.

Wynonna met Bobo before he became one of the revenants, and he wasn’t one of the outlaws. He was Wyatt’s friend. Wyatt shot through Bobo to get someone else, and that is why Bobo is now a revenant. Each resurrection Bobo loses pieces of who he was, but there are still good parts to him. He protects Waverly, and he helps Wynonna. He tries to keep Willa safe. Yet, you can never trust Bobo either. He will turn on you quickly, and perhaps kill one of your loved ones without a second thought.

Wynonna barely escapes the Jack of Knives. A memorable demon and revenant, he gets a thrill out of killing women under the guise of fixing them through surgery. While Wynonna does kill him in the end, the fear and powerlessness she felt haunts her. His shadow stays with her long after he’s gone.

1 The Snake: Bulshar

The worst of the worst is Bulshar, the demon who started the Earp curse. Terrifying, he can trap you in another reality, like a bad dream that you can’t wake up from. He can bring the dead back to life and make it serve him, taking away the soul’s free will. Strong for a demon, he can influence other demons to do his bidding for him.

He is such a foe that fighting him actually unites the Earps and the Revenants. They realize that they have been trapped in this curse, and that fighting each other has distracted them from what Bulsar is doing. By uniting, they gather strength and have a chance against Bulshar.

Bulshar, the actual snake from Eden, wants to bring a new sort of life to Earth, one that threatens all the rest of humankind. A formidable and frightening foe, he ranks as the top demon. He’s a demon we enjoy seeing being toppled down once the Earps and friends break the hand they had been dealt and demand to play a new game.

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