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The Resident Evil 3 demo gives fans a chance to experience a small section at the beginning of the game. Playing as Jill Valentine, players need to make their way through a zombie-infested Raccoon City and survive against all odds.

While zombies are the main threat, Jill also has to contend with the fearsome Nemesis, a massive bioweapon hellbent on hunting down the members of STARS.

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Considering Nemesis was in the title of the original game, he’s integrally important to both the story and gameplay experience. For anyone looking for a little more background on Nemesis after the Resident Evil 3 demo, here are the character’s origins.

The Umbrella Corporation, the main villains of the Resident Evil series, had multiple bioweapon projects in development, trying to create the perfect weapon to sell to governments and militaries. Project Tyrant was the main one, responsible for crafting the BOWs known as Tyrants, like Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. Essentially the Tyrant project created a deadly virus that takes over its host and turns them into an incredibly powerful BOW. The Nemesis Project was created in tandem to Tyrant.

Nemesis created NE-α parasites to fix some of the side effects of Umbrella’s other work. The biggest downside to the Tyrant virus is that it would render it’s host unintelligent and violent. The Nemesis virus was able to take over the brain of a Tyrant host and restore it’s intelligence, making the creature even deadlier. The character known as Nemesis was one of the first Tyrants that were able to survive being implanted with the NE-α parasite, and the creature developed its own personality.

As the outbreak spreads in Raccoon City, Umbrella sends multiple BOWs there to get test data and see how they perform. After the destruction of T-002 in the first Resident Evil, the members of STARS become primary targets for Umbrella. Nemesis is sent to Raccoon City to hunt down any interfering members of the organization, and because of the creature’s heightened intelligence, it can instantly recognize members like Jill, as it was shown their profiles beforehand. Nemesis’ sole purpose in Raccoon City is to track and hunt down STARS members, then put them down before they can disrupt any more of Umbrella’s plans. The creature’s strategic thinking means it poses much more of a threat to Jill in Resident Evil 3 than MR. X did in RE 2.

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