Robert Englund to Reprise Freddy Krueger Role for Goldbergs Halloween Episode

In a special treat for horror fans, The Goldbergs will feature Robert Englund reprising his classic role of Freddy Krueger in its Halloween episode. Later nicknamed “The Springwood Slasher” in-universe, Freddy of course debuted as a character in 1984’s original A Nightmare on Elm Street film, written and directed by genre legend Wes Craven. A huge hit, Elm Street spawned one of the most beloved franchises in horror history, with Englund playing the iconic razor-gloved villain in eight films total, the last being 2003’s crossover smash Freddy vs. Jason. Englund also briefly starred in the anthology TV series Freddy’s Nightmares.

At this point, it’s been 15 years since Englund last donned the Freddy make-up and costume, outside of a few fan convention appearances. He’s spent years now insisting that at age 71, he’s too old to play Freddy again, and that another, younger actor should get a shot at the part. Jackie Earle Haley (14 years younger than Englund) did just that in 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, but nearly universal dislike for that film from fans ended his run quickly. No further Elm Street films have materialized or even been announced in the years since.

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While Englund may indeed still consider himself too old to star in a proper Elm Street sequel, he’s apparently willing to make an exception for ABC’s long-running sitcom The Goldbergs. Now heading into its sixth season, the 1980s-set comedy has always made it a hallmark to lovingly reference – and sometimes even include in the plot – the pop culture of that decade. Now, The Goldbergs’ official Twitter account has revealed that season 6’s special Halloween episode will see Englund unexpectedly return to his signature role, albeit in a comedic setting. Check out the video below, which reveals the actor in full Freddy garb.

The Goldbergs episode in question will be titled “Nightmare on Elk Avenue,” and focuses on teenage protagonist Adam’s (Sean Giambrone) struggles with the terror he experiences after seeing the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie for the first time. Presumably, this leads Adam to have his own Freddy dreams, which is where Englund comes in. This follows not too long after Rick Moranis resurrected his Spaceballs villain role of Dark Helmet on The Goldbergs earlier this year.

As cool as it’ll be for fans to get to see Englund play Freddy again, one wonders if this will truly end up as a one-shot return. After all, Halloween looks poised to make a killing at the box office, all while featuring both an aging protagonist and antagonist. Once Michael Myers cleans up financially, it’s not impossible to imagine New Line calling up Englund and asking him how he’d feel about bringing Freddy back to the big screen one last time. After all, it’s not like a younger stunt performer couldn’t step in for scenes Englund found physically difficult. However, whether the actor would say yes to such a call if it occurred is anyone’s guess.

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The Goldbergs season 6 premieres September 26 on ABC.

Source: The Goldbergs on Twitter

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