ROBIN HOOD Final Trailer (NEW 2018) Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx Movie HD

ROBIN HOOD Final Trailer (NEW 2018) Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx Movie HD
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29 replies
  1. Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill says:

    And Hollywood learns from King Arthur that they need to do the same crap about properties nobody cares about, again, because Charlie Hunnam was the problem, not the stupid idea of making the movie, plus the script.
    Hey, that Kingsman guy might bring viewers in, though, to watch something that nobody anywhere was clamouring to see, and forget that this movie will flop so hard…

  2. Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb says:

    It's weird how some people are saying "This doesn't look historically accurate." It's not supposed to look accurate! It's obviously a retelling in the fantasy/steampunk genre. And why not? Why shouldn't one Robin Hood movie try to do something different for a change.

  3. Justus Merchant
    Justus Merchant says:

    Sooo, traditionally, Robin Hood's main enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham; a representation of a corrupt state / class system which overtaxed and overburdened regular people while living in luxury… In this movie it looks like his enemy is… The Church?

    What will Friar Tuck say when he finds out?

  4. Snake Rohan
    Snake Rohan says:

    I like how this portrays the true likeness of Robin Hood. He was a messed up white kid who was taught how to steal from a Black guy. Definitely worth the watch!


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