SATC: 5 Times Samantha Was Carrie’s Best Friend (& 5 Times It Was Miranda)

Carrie Bradshaw is certainly the main protagonist on Sex and the City, but it’s difficult to know which of the three other women she is really closest to. There are times when she’s close with all three of them on the show, leaning on them all in different situations.

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While Carrie isn’t the best friend herself, there are numerous instances in the series when the other ladies show her how much they care about her and value her friendship. Keep reading to reminisce on the five times that Samantha was Carrie’s real best friend and five times when it was Miranda.

10 Samantha: When She Didn’t Judge Carrie For Her Affair

Out of all the main Sex and the City ladies, Samantha is the least judgmental. Because her own lifestyle choices are so open-minded, she is very accepting of what the other girls choose to do. She is also tolerant of them when they make mistakes. If anything, Samantha gets shamed more than any of the other girls.

One standout moment that showcases how good of a friend Samantha is to Carrie is when she learns that Big and Carrie slept together. Samantha is completely understanding and sympathetic towards Carrie, even telling her that judging her wouldn’t be her style.

9 Miranda: When She Was There For Carrie In The Hamptons

When it comes to boyfriends, Miranda Hobbes isn’t the most affectionate or caring partner. Even though she’s sometimes short and insensitive with Steve, she is extremely thoughtful when it comes to Carrie and the girls. A good example is when Carrie first learns that Big is back from Paris and he’s with Natasha.

They’re on the beach in the Hamptons when Carrie finds out that Big is back, and she gets so upset that she throws up. Miranda is right there by her side to support her through it all.

8 Samantha: When She Went To San Francisco With Carrie

Samantha may not be the most sensitive or caring friend, but she definitely is loyal. She puts herself out for Carrie and the girls, even though she is often thought of as the most selfish character. She’ll tell them when they’re inconveniencing her, but that doesn’t mean she won’t bend over backward for her.

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When Carrie travels to San Francisco for an appearance, she decides to travel by train and drags Samantha along with her. The journey is less than ideal, but Samantha comes with Carrie and even vacates the hotel room after so Carrie can be with Big.

7 Miranda: When She Helped Carrie Through The Wedding Dress Dilemma

Good friends don’t judge you when they see you at your worst. One of Carrie Bradshaw’s low points in the series is when she tries on over-the-top wedding dresses on with Miranda for fun after getting engaged to Aidan. She then breaks out in a rash and has a panic attack of sorts, begging Miranda to rip the dress off her.

Miranda doesn’t think that Carrie is strange because of what happened. Instead, she comforts her through the whole thing, helps her take off the dress, and doesn’t make her feel stupid.

6 Samantha: When She Accepted Petrovsky

When Carrie starts dating Aleksandr Petrovsky, none of the other girls really like him. Miranda is the most vocal about it, while Samantha reassures Carrie that she shouldn’t care about what anybody thinks of her boyfriend.

Even though Petrovsky isn’t Samantha’s cup of tea and comes across as arrogant, Samantha accepts him because Carrie likes him so much. At this point, Petrovsky hasn’t done anything wrong to Carrie and Samantha can see that he brings her friend a lot of happiness, so she puts her own feelings aside.

5 Miranda: When She Got Real With Carrie About Big

While good friends support each other’s choices, they’ll also be honest with each other when they can see that they’re making mistakes. Miranda is never afraid to be honest with Carrie and one of the most memorable fights of the show occurs because Miranda tells Carrie what she really thinks of Big. Or rather, what happens to Carrie when she gets near Big.

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Though Miranda is blunt in her delivery and hurts Carrie’s feelings, she’s right. Carrie does make the same mistake with Big over and over again.

4 Samantha: When She Stayed With The Girls In Abu Dhabi

Samantha remains a good friend of Carrie’s from the pilot episode to the second movie. In the second movie, Samantha spends a lot of time feeling frustrated because she’s going through menopause, and becomes quite excited when she meets a Danish architect that she’s attracted to.

When the girls are out at a club, Samantha has the chance to ditch her friends for a date with the architect. But instead, she chooses to stay with her friends because they’d already planned a girls’ night. She then reminds the girls that they’re soulmates.

3 Miranda: When She Understood Carrie’s Computer Frustrations Despite Her Mom Being Sick

Miranda is sometimes guilty of being judgmental, but for the most part, she’s actually a very understanding friend. One of the most endearing Miranda moments takes place when she is on the phone with Carrie after Carrie’s computer breaks down.

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Carrie rants at Miranda about her computer troubles and Miranda listens like a good friend, even though she’s in Philadelphia and her mother has just suffered a heart attack. She even tells Carrie that she knows how stressful it can be to lose your work after a computer breakdown.

2 Samantha: When She Helped Carrie With Her Birth Control Situation

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Samantha Jones, is that she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Literally. Early on in the series, Carrie tells the girl that she’s trying to remove a diaphragm and it’s stuck. So Samantha follows her into the bathroom and helps to remove it, even though she just had her nails done.

It takes a very good friend to be willing to do something like that for someone else. But Samantha isn’t scared of things like that and she’s always there when her friends need her to be.

1 Miranda: When She Sat In A Cab In Front Of Carrie’s Apartment

In the first movie, Carrie is furious with Miranda after she finds out that Miranda told Big that he’s crazy to get married the night before their almost-wedding. Even though Carrie’s frustrated with Miranda, in reality, Miranda didn’t say that to Big because she was trying to ruin Carrie’s marriage. And Big would have bolted regardless as he was already dealing with some issues.

Still, Miranda feels terrible that Carrie is so mad at her and after calling and sending flowers, she waits in front of Carrie’s apartment in a cab so that she can apologize in person. This shows just how much Carrie’s friendship means to Miranda.

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