Scream Resurrection Ending: Ghostface Killer Identity Revealed

Warning: Major spoilers for Scream: Resurrection!

Scream: Resurrection officially revealed which character was behind the Ghostface mask. The killer terrorized the members of the Deadfast Club for Scream‘s rebooted season 3. After the three-night event on VH1, the mystery of Ghostface’s identity is solved and all loose ends are now tied up.

After over a year-long delay in the production stage, Scream season 3 presented a new story about a group of unlikely allies who met during detention. Deion (RJ Cyler) was at the center of the drama as the main target of the Ghostface killer. To manipulate and torture Deion, his friends were often targeted by the maniac, some of which didn’t make it out alive.

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Despite being a horror series, Scream: Resurrection had many comedic moments and an ample amount of social commentary. It also played on horror cliches by going after tropes of the genre as a way to surprise viewers. As with all installments in the Scream movie franchise, the major question surrounded the identity of Ghostface. Here’s a breakdown of the killer character and the motivation behind the murders in Scream season 3.

The sixth and final episode of Scream season 3 revealed the identity of Ghostface and it was someone that most viewers didn’t expect. Beth (Giorgia Whigham), the goth and horror movie expert, turned out to be the face behind the infamous mask. She was a complete sociopath who wanted to be the star of her own real-life horror movie. Before Deion, Liv (Jessica Sula), and Kym (Keke Palmer) figured out her true identity, Beth managed to kill Shane (Tyler Posey), Manny (Giullian Yao Gioiello), and Amir (CJ Wallace). But she didn’t carry out the massacre on her own.

Jamal (Tyga), Deion’s half-brother, served as Beth’s accomplice throughout Scream: Resurrection. He met Beth at the tattoo parlor and the duo struck up a relationship after Jamal (who also goes by Jay) confided in her regarding his family troubles. It wasn’t difficult for Beth to convince Jay to join her plan. Jay actually wore the Ghostface mask at times so Beth could stay close to the Deadfast Club without generating suspicion. He was responsible for the deaths of TJ (Nash Grier), Avery (Patrick Johnson), Luther (Tony Todd), Latavious (DC Young Fly), and the attack on Officer Reynolds (Gideon Emery).

So what were the real motives behind Beth and Jay’s serial killer aspirations in Scream: Resurrection? Beth was basically waiting for her opportunity when Jay came along; it was clear from the beginning that Jay had issues with Deion and the history of their family. Jay’s father Earl (Diesel Madkins) left his mother after Marcus went missing to help with his secret family. This upset Jay’s mother so much that she ended up killing herself, forcing Earl to move his other son to Atlanta.

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Before Earl came clean about his other family, he introduced Jay to Deion. When Jay moved to Atlanta, he noticed that Deion acted like he was a complete stranger. Jay put the evidence together and realized that Deion was actually Marcus. After Beth turned on Jay, stabbing him and leaving him to die, Deion tried to save him. Jay then finally got his brother to come clean before he died from his injuries.

On that tragic Halloween night when Marcus disappeared, the twins switched costumes. Deion was actually the one who went missing in the salvage yard and later died. Nobody realized that the surviving twin was actually Marcus who took his brother’s identity. Marcus was the troubled twin and his family treated him differently so he kept it a secret his whole life. Jay was the only one who figured out the truth and he used it as his motivation to go after his half-brother. Not only did Marcus’ mistakes that Halloween night destroy Jay’s life, but it also cut the real Deion’s life short. That story helped give Beth the opportunity to carry out what she thought she was destined for – serial killer stardom. That was until Deion/Marcus, Liv, and Kym ended Beth’s reign of terror in Scream Resurrection.

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