Seth Rogen Joins The Twilight Zone Reboot Cast

Seth Rogen has joined the cast of Jordan Peele and CBS All Access’ The Twilight Zone revival series. The original Twilight Zone was an anthology that aired from 1959-64 and was narrated by the series’ creator, Rod Serling. A Twilight Zone movie was released in 1983 – featuring segments directed by Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, John Landis, and George Miller – and there have been two previous revivals of the show itself, in 1985 and 2002.

CBS and Peele’s Twilight Zone, much like the original series, will be an anthology that combines a variety of genres (sci-fi, horror, mystery, satire) with social commentary and, most likely, twist endings that teach a moral lesson. The show’s marketing really kicked off with The Twilight Zone Super Bowl LII teaser trailer, before a full-length trailer was released near the end of February. There have been additional casting updates of late too, with Ginnifer Goodwin among those recently confirmed for the series.

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Rogen is the latest official addition to The Twilight Zone cast, thanks to the following tweet posted to the show’s Twitter account. The account also re-tweeted a photo of Jacob Tremblay with Rogen from February 21, which was accompanied by the caption “Just a couple of Canadian Good Boys! We got something coming & I think you’re gonna like it…” Reading between the lines, it seems that Tremblay – who was confirmed for the revival back in December – will appear in the same Twilight Zone episode as Rogen.

Tremblay is starring in a Twilight Zone episode that’s reportedly titled “The Wunderkind” and features both John Cho and Allison Tolman in supporting roles. The episodes was rumored to be titled “Kid President” early on and described as being a satire about a, well, kid (Tremblay) who runs to become the U.S. president. “The Wunderkind”, or whatever it ends up being called, is still expected to be more comedic than serious, which makes Rogen’s casting all the more appropriate.

Rogen, by coincidence, is also costarring in this May’s Long Shot, a political comedy about a journalist (Rogen) who begins courting his former babysitter (Charlize Theron) – the current U.S. secretary of state and a frontrunner for the presidency. The actor has mostly done comedy in the past, but showed off his dramatic chops in the Steve Jobs biopic and will do so again in the upcoming Trial of the Chicago 7 (which Steve Jobs writer Aaron Sorkin is directing). He’s another worthy addition to The Twilight Zone‘s ensemble, whatever the nature of his role ends up being.

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The Twilight Zone premieres Monday, April 1 on CBS All Access.

Source: CBS All Access

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