Shazam Sequel Brings Back Original Writer, Director Expected To Return

Warner Bros. has reportedly hired Henry Gayden to write the script for Shazam 2, and David F. Sandberg is likely to direct again. The studio is fresh off the worldwide launch of their latest DC live-action movie and Shazam! has wasted no time showing that it will be a successful film. Critics and audiences are loving the movie, and the opening weekend numbers – while a low point for the DCEU – are actually a win thanks to a lower budget.

With so much attention put on Shazam!, fans have already begun dreaming about the possibility of a sequel. The first film is very much an origin story for Billy Batson (Asher Angel) as he learns about his superpowers as Shazam (Zachary Levi) and is largely self-contained – even with some DCEU connections. But in usual franchise style, Shazam! also sets the stage for more chapters of this story that can be told.

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According to The Wrap, it appears WB, New Line, and DC are ready to move forward on another story. They’ve reportedly decided to bring back Henry Gayden to write the screenplay for Shazam 2 after he co-wrote the original movie. He received sole screenplay credit on the first film, but the story is credited to him and Darren Lemke. Gayden’s return helps set Shazam 2 in motion, with director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran also expected to return, according to this report.

Gayden is still a relative newcomer to studio movies, as Earth to Echo was his first credit in 2014, but he already has had great success thanks to Shazam. The movie was able to strike a great tone amidst the heartfelt story and laugh-out-loud comedy, and this is largely thanks to the script that Gayden was responsible for producing. Since Shazam is a big hit, it’s no surprise that the studios decided to bring him back for another entry.

It also immediately starts Shazam 2 off by keeping those familiar with the franchise around, and this appears to be true beyond just Gayden. Both Sandberg and Safran previously teased that they would like to come back for a sequel, and even though deals for both may not be signed as of right now, those announcements could arrive in the coming months as Gayden works on the script. Of course, Shazam 2 has yet to be officially greenlit by the studios, but that is all but guaranteed to happen.

As Shazam 2 continues to make progress, fans will undoubtedly want to know when they will get to see it. The studios will likely want to move fast on production on account of the young cast that the original featured, but DC already has a very crowded slate as it is. Regardless, some story details about the sequel can probably be predicted from how Shazam! ended, which sets up an exciting tale for Gayden to craft.

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Source: The Wrap

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