Silicon Valley Season 6: Release Date & Story Details

Silicon Valley season 6 is happening on HBO, and it will be the Pied Piper gang’s biggest adventure yet. With five seasons under its belt and a sizeable fanbase tuning in every week to see what new comedy of errors await Richard Hendricks and Co., Silicon Valley has definitely earned its sixth season.

Unlike past seasons, Silicon Valley season 6 has been plagued by production delays. Typically, Silicon Valley airs in the springtime and ends its seasons in mid-June, but this time around, production on the new season was pushed back apparently due to scheduling issues. Furthermore, instead of a traditional 10 episodes, Silicon Valley season 6 will only have seven episodes.

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Just like with Veep and Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley‘s latest season has been shortened, which reportedly boiled down to being the creators’ decision. But while fans wait for Silicon Valley season 6 to come around, here’s what we know and can expect from Silicon Valley‘s new season.

Last updated: August 12, 2019

The Silicon Valley season 6 will premiere in October 2019. An exact premiere date hasn’t been revealed yet, but HBO wouldn’t wait much longer to release that information seeing as the fall TV season is almost underway.

Silicon Valley is going to have some big loose ends to tie up. Season 5 ended with the Pied Piper gang finally getting some traction in their business endeavors, with the main focus being on Pied Piper’s comically horrifying failure to launch. The many woes the beset the core Silicon Valley gang included Richard failing to step into his leadership role, continuing to make poor decision after poor decision for the company, and Jian-Yang (Yang) working with Gavin Belson (Ross) to try and steal the Pied Piper patent. The season ended on a hopeful note as the Pied Piper boys realized their PiedPiperCoin was gaining traction on the bitcoin market, allowing them to open up new offices and invest in their new venture.

We shouldn’t expect Silicon Valley season 6 to be a victory lap for Pied Piper; this is a Mike Judge comedy series, after all. Fingers crossed that Pied Piper sees the success of PiedPiperCoin launch them to the next stage in their Silicon Valley careers and that Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and Jared are all offered new opportunities as a result. There’s also the chance we could see the door close on Pied Piper for good should new opportunities arise, which would make for a poetic end to a show that began with Richard trying to get Pied Piper off the ground.

Sadly, the Silicon Valley ride will end with season 6, so there won’t be a Silicon Valley season 7. Although the series has earned a cult following and held a prime spot as one of the few comedies on the HBO docket over the last few years, the series will not continue. As sad as it will be to say goodbye to Silicon Valley, the timing feels right as the careers of each of the show’s leads begin going in new directions. Plus, Judge and executive producer Alan Berg, along with executives at HBO, pondered over how much longer they could keep Silicon Valley going. But with the story starting to come to a natural conclusion, and Judge working on HBO’s new hit series Barry, it makes sense for Silicon Valley season 6 to be the end.

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