Simpsons Dress Up for Halloween in Disney+ Commercial

The Simpsons dress up for Halloween in Disney+ commercial. The new and highly anticipated subscription streaming service is set to arrive this November, and so far it appears to be offering up a vast collection of popular favorites.

Whether or not Disney+ will be the service that ends the long running dominance of Netflix still remains to be seen, but with ownership over such massive franchise hits as Star Wars, the MCU, and a vast lineup of Pixar films, Disney+ is not short on the sort of content that will bring in a significant number of subscribers. In fact, due to the numerous licensing rights recently acquired by Disney, several popular Netflix programs are in danger of being acquired by the new streaming service. At the same time, however, Disney+ is aiming for family friendly status, with content that stays true to the standard that the Mouse House. In fact, given Disney’s family entertainment aims, it will likely seem strange to fans of The Simpsons that the long running animated series now calls Disney+ home.

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There has previously been news about The Simpsons’ move to Disney, but a recent TV commercial (captured by Twitter user @ThatGuy3002), makes it clear to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention that the new home of The Simpsons is Disney+ (regardless of how Bart feels about some of the obligations involved in being part of the world’s largest brand). The new advertisement features each of The Simpsons dressed as a recognizable Disney character (except for Lisa, who takes the opportunity to dress as a melting glacier): Maggie is Yoda, Homer is Iron Man, Marge is Bo Peep and Bart is a very reluctant Mickey Mouse. You can see the new advertisement in full below:

At one point in the cheeky new advert, Marge states “I’m Bo Peep – but I’m not using the crook,” at which point she tosses the famed Toy Story character’s crook aside. The reference comes from earlier this year when PETA petitioned Disney to drop Bo Peep’s crook from the then upcoming Toy Story 4, as the tool was seen as cruel to sheep. Disney failed to grant PETA’s request, but now the issue has reared its head in what Simpsons fans might describe as the perfect place and time. Even from this quick glimpse at The Simpsons, it appears that they are still very much as quarrelsome and unique as they’ve always been. Some fans have been concerned over the potential effect that a transfer to the family friendly obsessed Disney might have, but if anything can be taken from this 17-second TV spot, it’s that Disney appears to be able to laugh at itself. And if there’s ever been a series that likes to poke fun at itself (and everyone within earshot), it’s The Simpsons.

For fans of The Simpsons, seeing the cartoon family being forced to dress up and shill for Disney is quite humorous, but the reality of the situation is that with the entire series on offer from Disney+, those who wish to continue watching the series will have no other option than to pay for a subscription. This is not a problem for those who already planned on signing up for the service, but for those who aren’t interested in Disney+ aside from The Simpsons, it’s an early indication of what the entertainment landscape will start to look like as the streaming wars really kick into high gear in the coming months and years.

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