Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Director Thanks Fans For Record-Breaking Opening

Jeff Fowler, director of Sonic the Hedgehog, took to social media to thank fans for helping fuel the film’s record-breaking opening. Over the past weekend, Sonic scored the biggest opening for a movie based on a video game, beating out previous record-holder Detective Pikachu. By Sunday, the film had earned $57 million domestically, a total that then rose to $70 million after adding Presidents Day grosses. Detective Pikachu, for comparison’s sake, earned $54.3 million last year during its opening weekend.

Video game adaptations have a reputation for struggling both critically and financially, but Sonic surpassed expectations in a massive win for Paramount. While Sonic‘s critical response, which stars Ben Schwartz as the famous speedy hedgehog, was mixed, audiences seemed to respond well to it, as indicated by its large box office haul. Some wondered how Sonic would do after being delayed following fan backlash in response to Sonic’s initial appearance. Fowler opted to push Sonic back so they could change the design, a move that seems to have been appreciated by fans.

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While celebrating Sonic‘s success, Fowler shared his immense gratitude on TwitterHe took the time to thank both the fans who made it happen, as well as those who worked on the film, a few of whom can be seen in a picture Fowler shared along with his message. Check it out below:

Sonic‘s better-than-expected opening weekend is a much-needed win for Hollywood after several early 2020 films under-performed at the box office. Notable examples of this include DolittleThe Rhythm Section, and Birds of Prey, which is still trying to find its footing. Sonic had the advantage of being a family-friendly film released amidst several adult-skewing films. Now it’s a question of if Sonic can hold onto its box office success, or if it will disappear quickly. Luckily, Sonic will continue to be the most prominent family film for a few more weeks before Disney’s Onward hits theaters.

It’s clear that Fowler and his crew cared a lot about the film they were making, and it certainly seems to have paid off. While some might find it silly that they postponed Sonic just because of fan outcry, it can’t be denied that it sent a message to fans and most likely led to the film’s current success. Sonic might not have had as big of an opening if Fowler had stuck with the original design. Now that Sonic the Hedgehog is looking like a success, expect a sequel in a few years following through on that post-credits tease.

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Source: Jeff Fowler/Twitter

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