Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Characters Who Can Appear In Mayans M.C. (And 10 Who Never Should)

Nearly four years removed from the finale of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter’s long-awaited sequel series Mayans M.C. has finally arrived, promising as much family drama and full-throttle action as its predecessor. Speaking to the cultural relevance of the show, star JD Pardo descroned the heavy responsibility of carrying the momentum of Sons over to Mayans, saying that the transition feels natural, working more as a continuation of the world established in Sons.

Although the world of Mayans is far from the Sons empire depicted in the original series, the shared universe has remained intact, particularly when it comes to surprise cameos. While a multitude of Sons actors have already reprised their roles, including Katey Sagal as Gemma and Ray McKinnon as Lincoln Potter, no returning character’s presence has been felt more than Happy Lowman whose appearance in the season one finale promises to echo throughout season two.

While every star on SoA can’t claim to have had a major impact on SAMCRO, others have remained fan favorites. With an eclectic cast of names which has included such additions as Marilyn Manson, Walton Goggins, and even David Hasselhoff, there’s no shortage of castmates who could make a surprise comeback. For our list, we researched some notable characters, making sure to eliminate those actors and actresses who have already appeared in Mayans M.C. We were also careful not to include characters that seemed unlikely to make a cameo, unless they specifically mentioned a possible return.

Take a look back as we review the 10 Sons of Anarchy Characters Who Could Appear in Mayans (And 10 Who Never Should).

20 Shouldn’t: The Homeless Woman

Playing a recurring role throughout SoA, the Homeless Woman remains a heavily debated, symbolic character. Living on the streets of Charming, she appears during critical moments of the series, often popping up when Gemma or Jax are experiencing a conflicted decision.

Although believed by many to be the ghost of Emily Putner, a victim who lost her life as a result of John Teller’s head-on collision with a semi-truck, there is no clear identification of the Homeless Woman. Although Kurt Sutter remains largely quiet on the subject, he has mentioned previously that the character is a modern day Messiah. Either way, with SoA finally finished, there’s little reason to believe Mayans M.C. will provide further clarification on the shadowy figure, making any future cameos more confusing for fan conspiracy theorists.

19 Could: Venus Van Dam

Venus Van Dam made her glorious debut in season five. When a housing development deal falls through for the construction of Charming Heights, the Sons agree to blackmail prominent businessman Allen Biacone, using Van Dam to capture embarrassing photos while Biacone is unconscious. After waking up, Biacone reluctantly agrees to change his vote for Charming Heights, securing the development of the project.

During the episode, the emotionally resistant Sergeant-in-Arms Tig Trager becomes transfixed with Van Dam’s beauty, much to the Sons’ surprise. Despite Venus initially rejecting his advances, they later develop a relationship. Last seen coddling a distraught Tig after the passing of Jax in the show’s series finale, little is known about Van Dam’s fate with Tig, although a cameo in Mayans could provide a chance to bring back a much beloved fan favorite.

18 Shouldn’t: Esai Alvarez

Now wearing a “El Padrino” patch on Mayans M.C., former Sons rival Marcus Alvarez has jumped series, landing in Santo Padre, where he’s working under cartel leader Miguel Galindo. Prior to Mayans, however, he was a well-regarded enemy of SAMCRO.

Shortly into season one, Marcus made his toughest decision when he sent his son Esai to take down Clay Morrow. Later, he settled his dispute with the Sons, agreeing to enter a gun trade with them in exchange for his son’s life. Although Esai didn’t have a long run, actor Emilia Rivera remembers his demise as being Marcus’ hardest scene to film. While Mayans could provide a backstory for Marcus and Esai’s relationship, it’s best not to show too many unnecessary flashbacks as Sutter attempts to establish an identity on the new series.

17 Could: Nero Padilla

A former gang member, Nero Padilla grew up around criminal activity, later forming his own street gang the Byz Latz before being incarcerated in Chino Prison. After witnessing many close friends lose their lives, he exited prison a new man, focusing his attention on bettering the life of his son Lucius, who was born with a spinal disease.

Although Nero makes his intentions of exiting the life clear by the time he meets the Sons, members of the Byz Latz don’t make his transition easy. By the series’ end, he’s able to earn enough money from Diosa to build his dream farmhouse, taking his son and Jax’s children along with him. Unfortunately, a gang member’s past never fully disappears, leaving a chance for him to return in Mayans if Jimmy Smits is up for a guest role.

16 Shouldn’t: Trinity Ashby

Jax’s relationship woes were taken to a new extreme in season three when he traveled to Ireland to recover his stolen son and strengthen SAMCRO’s ties to the club’s Belfast charter. Along the way, he unearthed some secrets about his father’s past, including a secret child John had with Maureen Ashby, resulting in Jax’s half-sister Trinity.

The brother-sister awkwardness reached a critical point when Jax grew increasingly close to his secret sister, saved only by Maureen and Gemma finally breaking the news to the almost couple. While viewers were thankful that the duo managed to avoid a taking things to the next level, we were left scratching our heads when Trinity’s story was later abandoned altogether. Although the possibility of her return isn’t unheard of, her character is one many SoA fans would like to forget ever happened.

15 Could: Ron Tully

A shot caller for the Brotherhood in SoA’s seventh season, Ron Tully was an incarcerated racist in Stockton State Prison who aligned himself with SAMCRO shortly after Jax Teller attacked a man who planned to turn against the prison gang. As a sign of gratitude, Ron grew increasingly close to Juice Ortiz, an imprisoned Sons member who ratted out the club out of fear he’d be rejected over his African-American heritage.

Although Ron’s abuse of Juice gave viewers some hard to digest content in the show’s last season, the gang member became an important figure after taking out Juice at Jax’s request. Portrayed by gothic rocker Marilyn Manson, the character was ultimately left underdeveloped, giving Sutter the chance to make amends by bringing back one of SoA‘s coolest cameos for the Mayans spin-off series.

14 Shouldn’t: Herman Kozik

A former addict turned United States Marine, Herman Kozik joined SAMCRO in season two as some much needed muscle, arriving in Charming after serving as Sergeant-in-Arms for the Sons’ Tacoma chapter. Receiving unfair treatment due to his rivalry with Tig Trager, he was repeatedly denied a transfer to Charming before meeting an early demise after stepping on a landmine.

Although Kozik’s time was short-lived, he’s remained a memorable character thanks to his bitter relationship with Tig, who blamed him for the demise of his dog Missy. While actor Kenny Johnson’s ties to Kurt Sutter go all the way back to his days on The Shield, it’s unlikely his character will appear on Mayans following his demise.

13 Could: Tyne Patterson

Tyne Patterson had her fair share of run-ins with the Sons. Although her presence is felt throughout the series, her largest attack against the M.C. came in season six when she attempted to reopen a RICO case against SAMCRO after a school shooting.

When the RICO charges fall through, she’s left to uncover the truth behind the demise of Tara Knowles and Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt. She’s last seen talking to Jax, who informs her of Gemma and Juice’s involvement in Tara and Eli’s bloody end before taking his own life. As a prominent prosecutor in SoA, Tyne Patterson’s odds of a return are greater than others on this list, especially given actress CCH Pounder’s history with Kurt Sutter, with whom she also worked with during his days on The Shield.

12 Shouldn’t: Charles Barosky

A corrupt ex-cop in charge of a group of like-minded Stockton Police officers, Charles Barosky first introduced himself to SAMCRO in season six. Making his authority known, he established a working relationship with Jax, agreeing to let the Sons and Nero set up illegal business around Stockton.

In season seven, the Sons continue to associate with Barosky, who allows them to stow away guns near the Stockton port; however, things come to a head when he tips off the Lin Triad about the Sons’ gun locations. In the SoA series finale, Jax gets revenge, ending Barosky’s life. Although little about Barosky’s corrupt life as a police officer is known, making him a prime candidate to appear on Mayans, his status after the show makes him limited, though it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of a flashback appearance.

11 Could: Ernest Darby

Leader of the racist Nordics, Ernest Darby was a major antagonist of the SoA‘s first and second seasons, often finding himself at odds with SAMCRO over the distribution of illegal substances in Charming. Allying himself with Ethan Zobelle in season two, he agreed to start up a string of meth labs to run the Sons out of town. After the M.C. raids a lab, however, Darby’s retaliation against the Sons endangers his life.

Shortly after the dissolution of the Nordics in season two, Darby is shown living a normal life, retiring from criminal affairs and settling down with an immigrant worker he once employed. Although Darby insists on living a quiet life, it’s unlikely he ever escaped his criminal past entirely, making a Mayans cameo a possibility in the future.

10 Shouldn’t: Henry Lin

The primary antagonist of SoA‘s seventh season, Henry Lin assumed the role of leader of the the San Francisco-based Lin Triad following the demise of his uncle Bohai. Unfortunately, Lin’s fall from power would come in the final season after Gemma lied to Jax about the Triad’s involvement, leaving much to be resolved.

After Lin is taken out by excommunicated Sons member Juice Ortiz during a stint in Stockton Prison, the Lin Triad’s control around Southern California became jeopardized. Working alongside the One-Niners, SAMCRO wiped out the remainder of the Triad, with the Niners and Mayans dividing up the gang’s territory. With no territorial control left for profit, there’s little reason to believe the Lin Triad will making a comeback in Mayans M.C., though it would be interesting to see how the gang would return to prominence.

9 Could: Lyla Winston

As Opie’s love interest following the passing of his wife Donna, Lyla marries into the Sons family in season four, leaving her distraught and widowed after Opie’s demise. At Opie’s wake, she confides in Jax about her worries raising three children alone. By the series’ end, she’s promoted to a producer position at Red Woody Productions, SAMCRO’s video company.

Although Jax assured Lyla that there’s no cause for concern regarding her financial situation, many questions are still left in the air about her life with the children. Jax attempted to broker a deal for affordable housing for Lyla and the kids in Charming Heights, but little is known about what came of it. A cameo in Mayans would give Lyla’s character a perfect opportunity to catch audiences up on everything that’s happened to her since SoA‘s end.

8 Shouldn’t: Ethan Zobelle

As the primary antagonist of season two, Ethan Zobelle led the League of American Nationalists into Charming, opening an Impeccable Smokes location on Main Street and allying himself with local businessman Jacob Hale Jr. to run the Sons out of town. Teaming with the Aryan Brotherhood, he became a thorn in the Sons’ sides until his status as an FBI informant put his life in jeopardy.

Although Zobelle’s current whereabouts are never mentioned, suggesting the Sons may never get their retaliation, one popular fan theory has suggested that he may have passed away as a result of a plane crash mentioned in the show’s season three premiere. While a Mayans cameo could provide more details into Zobelle’s story, it would ruin the fun of the plane crash theory, spoiling one of the show’s most intriguing unanswered questions.

7 Could: Romeo Parada and Luis Torres

In the first season of Mayans, the Galindo Cartel has already left a considerable impression, thanks to Miguel Galindo, the ruthless Ivy League-educated son of cartel founder Jose Galindo. Although Miguel has established a reputation as a strategic, cold-hearted cartel boss, the Galindo Cartel was first seen on Sons of Anarchy.

Romeo Parada and Luis Torres first introduced themselves in SoA after Clay Morrow agreed to mule for the cartel for a little extra cash. In reality, the duo were undercover government operatives who wanted the Sons to broker an arms deal with their partners in Ireland. The Sons later cut ties with the cartel, although Parada and Torres remained plants working under the Galindo Cartel’s nose. Actor Danny Trejo has already mentioned an upcoming cameo for Parada, making it a possibility that his partner may join him.

6 Shouldn’t: Thomas and Abel

As the children of Jax Teller, Thomas and Abel inherited their fair share of unwanted nightmares, but none suffered more irreparable damage than the eldest of the two brothers. Having grown close to his father as well as his step-mother Tara and his grandmother Gemma, Abel witnessed various parental figures exit his life tragically.

In SoA‘s finale episode, the two siblings are seen leaving Charming with Wendy and Nero. Abel is shown holding a Sons ring given to him by Gemma, suggesting the children may have a future with SAMCRO. Although Kurt Sutter has addressed a desire for a potential SoA sequel series involving Thomas and Abel, nothing has been confirmed. In case that dream ever comes to fruition, it’s best to save their story for a much more deserving follow-up.

5 Could: T.O. Cross

As an ally of SAMCRO, T.O. Cross was the leader of a motorcycle club. Depicted as maintaining a healthy business relationship with Jax, he debuted in season three after the Sons convinced the Mayans to Cross’ gang on as protection during their shipments.

In later seasons, the long-standing friendship between T.O. and Jax was strained. In season five, Jax delivered orders to end the life of T.O.’s cousin Randall Highwater after he delivered the final blow that resulted in the demise of Opie. In SoA‘s final season, T.O. makes Sons’ history, becoming the black member to be patched into SAMCRO. Not only would a cameo shed further light on his story, but it would signify a new chapter for the Sons moving forward.

4 Shouldn’t: Wendy Case

A recovering addict, Wendy Case was responsible for one of SoA‘s most dramatic character transformations. Referred to as a “Crow Eater” in her earlier days, she became Jax’s his first wife. After Abel’s birth, however, she was rejected by the Sons and Jax’s family, both of whom threatened her if she ever interfered with their lives again.

In season four, Wendy returned with a renewed purpose, shaking her old habits in hopes of become a better mother. Becoming a more important character, she provided an alternative lifestyle for both Abel and his younger brother Thomas. Although she abandoned her old ways, Wendy remains one of SoA‘s most disliked characters, primarily for her actions as an addict.

3 Could: Tig Trager

As the former Sergeant-in-Arms under Clay Morrow, Tig was responsible for some of SoA‘s oddest moments. Although he could appear callous, he often displayed an over-the-top sensitivity towards his fellow club members. Responsible for disciplinary actions against Sons enemies, he was the club’s most violence-prone member, which made his oddball stories that much more off-putting to those who didn’t know him.

By the series’ end, Tig’s life had entered a more serious chapter due to his relationship with Venus Van Dam. Promoted to VP by Jax, he experienced great remorse for voting to have the former leader meet Mr. Mayhem. Luckily, things were looking up for Tig, which means a Mayans cameo could provide his character with a much needed resolution following SoA‘s grim finale.

2 Shouldn’t: Jax Teller

As the self-sacrificial leader seeking an alternative, law-abiding path for the Sons, Jax’s relationship with the Mayans was the most hectic in the series’ earlier seasons, particularly in season two, after the club aligned themselves with L.O.A.N. leader Ethan Zobelle, agreeing to protect the Son’s number one enemy.

Thanks to Jax’s accommodating nature, the Mayans and Sons would come to a mutual understanding, creating a beneficial business partnership that prevented further bloodshed. Although SoA star Charlie Hunnam has remained open about a potential return to Kurt Sutter’s motorcycle world, mentioning a possible Mayans cameo down the line, his fate on SoA severely limits his inclusion on the show. For such a notable cameo to make sense, Jax’s part would have to be rather significant.

1 Could: Chibs Telford

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Filip “Chibs” Telford received his nickname for his facial scars, given to him by his long-time nemesis, Jimmy O’Phelan. Prior to patching with SAMCRO, the Scotsman served five months as a medic for the Army, later becoming SAMBEL’s first prospect before transferring to Charming.

Although Chibs’ most problematic storyline came in SoA‘s final season after he began a brief relationship with Lieutenant Althea Jarry, he would ultimately end the series by making the difficult decision to end Jax’s life. By SoA‘s end, Chibs was promoted to leader of SAMCRO, meaning all future relationships between the Charming charter and the Mayans should work through him. If Sutter lives up to his promise of including the Sons in the spin-off series, the inclusion of Chibs seems like a logical fit.

Which Sons of Anarchy character do you most want to see on Mayans MC? Let us know in the comments!

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