Sons Of Anarchy: Every Season Premiere (Ranked By IMDb)

Sons Of Anarchy is one of the most popular television shows of this decade, with the motorcycling world proving to be a true hit. With complex plots, detailed characters and a great mix of violence and drama, Sons nailed everything you could ask for in a show. Of course, in order to grip an audience, the importance of season premieres is high.

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You have to try and draw in fans from the very first episode so they will be intrigued by the show and what it is going to be offering. Throughout Sons Of Anarchy’s history, the show has had some very good season premieres. Within this list, we will be ranking the seven premiere episodes from worst to best, based on their IMDb ratings.

7 Pilot – 8.1

The lowest-rated season premiere in Sons Of Anarchy history was actually the very first episode of the show, titled ‘Pilot,’ with a rating of 8.1 from IMDb. However, that doesn’t make it a bad episode, it is just that the show had far less to work with due to the fact the story wasn’t already fleshed out.

In this episode, the show is forced to explain some backstory and really set the tone for what fans can expect. Here we are introduced to all the characters and the world of SAMCRO, and for the most part, they do a very good job of it. A rival gang ends up stealing the Sons’ assault rifles, and Jax’s ex-wife has a drug overdose, which leads to an emergency c-section that threatens their baby’s safety. So it is safe to say, there is plenty of drama for just one episode.

6 Black Widower – 8.3

The final season premiere in the history of Sons Of Anarchy gained an 8.3 rating from IMDb, which isn’t the strongest rating. However, it was certainly still an interesting episode that kicked off the show well, with Jax being freed from prison. With Tara’s death being felt amongst the group, Jax immediately makes revenge his top priority as he desperately tries to make up for her death.

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It clearly sets up the main storyline throughout the season, with Jax no longer interested in the group and the overall situation. As well as Jax being freed, Wendy also leaves rehab only to discover that Juice is living in her apartment in order to lay low from SAMCRO. This leads to another interesting storyline where they decide what to do next.

5 Straw – 8.4

‘Straw’ is next on the list with an IMDb rating of 8.4, which was the sixth season premiere. This episode saw Jax continue to really push for the gang to start getting involved in some more legitimate business, rather than illegal activities. Additionally, Gemma attempts to get control of her grandsons again while Tara is imprisoned.

With Wayne Unser effectively being an uncle to the boys, he and Gemma wind up coming to blows and have to discuss what to do in regards to the children. The past activities of the Sons come back to bite them though, as Damon Pope demands that Jax hands over Tig. Due to Clay Morrow’s behavior in the previous season, they feel a debt is to be paid.

4 Albification  – 8.7

3 Out – 9.0

2 Sovereign – 9.0

1 So – 9.1

The highest-rated season premiere of Sons Of Anarchy comes from the third season, with ‘So’ being rated at 9.1 by IMDb. The third season is one of the best in general, and with the aftermath of Abel’s kidnapping, this was always going to be gripping. Fans were very keen to find out what Jax and the Sons were going to do in order to get him back.

Jax was struggling mentally in this episode, mainly because of his grief and it leads him to question whether or not he should stay with the MC long term. However, he isn’t the only one having to think about things. Gemma also gets some news from her past in this episode and it sets up a great storyline for the show moving forward.

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