Sony’s Marvel Universe: 10 Projects Reported To Be In Development

Years ago, when Sony Pictures released The Amazing Spider-Man 2, executives were hoping it would be the springboard to a cinematic universe built around Spider-Man characters. However, critics and fans alike hated the movie, it had an underwhelming box office take, and those plans quickly fizzled out. But Sony executives didn’t let go of the idea, and last year, they gave it a second try with Tom Hardy’s Venom movie kicking off what has been haphazardly called Sony’s Marvel Universe. With the company taking back the rights to Spidey himself, the universe should be expanding a lot soon. So, here is Sony’s Marvel Universe: 10 Projects Reported To Be In Development.

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10 The Sinister Six

A movie about the Sinister Six, the team of supervillains devoting to destroying Spider-Man, has actually been in development since 2013, with Sony going as far as setting it up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The studio hired Drew Goddard to write the movie and he was confirmed to be directing it in 2014. However, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failure and Sony’s deal with Marvel to reboot Spidey for the MCU, the Sinister Six movie was called off in 2015. Amy Pascal has since revived the project, following Venom’s success. She still hopes Goddard can make the movie and is waiting on his schedule.

9 Nightwatch

It’s been announced that Sony has tapped Edward Ricourt, one of the writers behind the Now You See Me series of magic-based heist films, to write a script for a movie about the Nightwatch character. Nightwatch is sort of Marvel’s answer to Spawn. In 2017, it was reported that Sony wanted Spike Lee to direct the project, and in early 2018, he was confirmed to be interested in it. However, by late 2018, he was announced to have lost interest and departed from the film, leaving Sony back at the drawing board, so this one could be a while off.

8 Black Cat

Sony originally planned to bring Black Cat and Silver Sable to the screen in a team-up movie called Silver & Black. Comic book writer Christopher Yost was brought on to tackle the script, and later, Gina Prince-Bythewood was signed on to direct and perform rewrites on the script ⁠— but they’ve since decided to cancel that in favor of a solo movie for each character. The Black Cat movie has seen screenplay contributions from Westworld’s Lisa Joy, Godzilla vs. Kong’s Lindsey Beer, and Captain Marvel’s Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Prince-Bythewood will remain on board as a producer, but isn’t expected to direct the film.

7 Silk

According to a report by Variety, Sony is seeking a screenwriter for a movie about the Silk character. Silk will be appearing alongside Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman in the upcoming animated movie Spider-Women, spun off from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but this on-screen incarnation of Silk will apparently be separate from that one. Silk is the superhero alter ego of Cindy Moon, who has been depicted as one of Peter Parker’s classmates in the MCU (whether or not the producers will cast the MCU’s Tiffany Espensen remains to be seen). She has the same powers as Spider-Man, with added long-range spider-sense and eidetic memory.

6 Venom 2

Following the runaway success of Tom Hardy’s first Venom movie last year ⁠— grossing over $800 million at the worldwide box office, and shattering expectations, despite mostly negative reviews – Sony was quick to get a sequel into production. Andy Serkis is replacing Ruben Fleischer in the director’s chair, while Hardy himself has been assisting Kelly Marcel with the script.

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The sequel will be released on October 2, 2020, and it will follow up on the original’s post-credits tease of Carnage. The last time we saw Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, Eddie Brock was visiting him in prison, setting up an exciting sequel.

5 Silver Sable

As mentioned above, Sony was once planning a movie that would team up Black Cat and Silver Sable called Silver & Black, but it has since been canceled and replaced by solo movies for each character. Gina Prince-Bythewood had been initially attached to rewrite the script for Silver & Black and possibly direct it. She won’t be directing either of the by-product solo movies, but she will serve as a producer. While the studio is fast-tracking the Black Cat movie, with three writers hard at work on the script, no behind-the-camera talent (or in-front-of-the-camera talent, for that matter) has been announced for the Silver Sable movie.

4 Jackpot

Variety reports that Sony is actively searching for a writer to pen a script centered around the Jackpot character. It’s unclear if this movie will revolve around Sara Ehret or Alana Jobson ⁠— the two characters who have used the Jackpot moniker in the comics ⁠— but the movie is still in the earliest stages of development. Sara just has super strength, but Alana has super strength, gymnastic abilities, enhanced stamina, less vulnerability to injury, and some hand-to-hand combat skills. S, it’s clear which version would make a more interesting subject for a solo movie in Sony’s Marvel Universe.

3 Kraven the Hunter

Sony has hired Richard Wenk, the writer of Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer movies, to write a solo film focusing on Kraven the Hunter. Wenk’s intention with the project is to adapt the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline, with the plot involving villain Kraven hunting down Spider-Man. Usually comic books movies aren’t told from perspective of the supervillain, but if this was told through the hero’s eyes, the best hunter would be unseen, so telling the story from Kraven’s perspective makes sense. Plus, Avengers: Infinity War found success with this storytelling method.

2 Morbius

This one is well past the development stage, as filming is underway. It’s a solo movie that will also act as the big-screen debut for Morbius the Living Vampire, Spidey’s undead foe. Jared Leto is starring in the title role, while Netflix’s Lost in Space showrunners Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have penned the script.

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Daniel Espinosa, who made his name directing Danish and Swedish thrillers and has most recently helmed the sci-fi horror movie Life with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, is calling the shots. Morbius is slated to hit theaters on July 31, 2020, making it the most imminent release for Sony’s Marvel Universe.

1 Spider-Man 3

After Marvel gave Sony their highest grossing movie of all time with Spider-Man: Far From Home, the ungrateful suits at Sony decided to snatch back the rights to the Spider-Man character and drag him into their own Marvel universe. The studio has confirmed that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be back on the big screen again and he won’t be getting a total reboot. So we will be seeing a sequel to Far From Home ⁠— it just won’t have any ties to MCU. Fans are unsure if this will even work, but Sony is definitely committed to making it happen.

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