Southern Charm: Ashley Jacobs Opens Up About Dark Relationship With Ex

Southern Charm’s Ashley Jacobs has opened up about the dark relationship she experienced with her ex. Ashley’s claim to fame had been due to dating her now ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel. Both were reality stars who appeared on the hit show and often fought incessantly with the other cast members.

Thomas starred on Southern Charm for five seasons, while Ashley joined him for season 5, causing an immense amount of turmoil. Before the show, Thomas used to be the Treasurer of South Carolina, but was charged with cocaine distribution and lost his job.  Southern Charm presented him as the playboy of the South, even though he was twenty years older than his other costars. He did catch the eye of Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, and the couple dated for two years until they eventually split after having two children and a lengthy custody battle. Thomas moved on quickly from the breakup, meeting Ashley on a night out in California.  In last season of Southern Charm, the couple caused a tremendous amount of drama with Kathryn, and this quickly led viewers to have a serious dislike for Ashley. One of the most memorable moments of the season finale involved Ashley telling Kathryn that she was just an egg donor.

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In an interview with ET,  Ashley explained to viewers that her relationship with Thomas turned dark very quickly. She said, “It was dark, and it was really lonely and, yeah, I was really lonely.” Ashley continued the interview by explaining that she had no family support of her own. Her family ended up being very disappointed with her for dating a man like Thomas and putting herself into that position on national TV; and due to this lack of outside care, Thomas became Ashley’s only form of support. In several episodes, the two would often only have each other to lean on. However, Ashley acknowledged that this type of behavior was unhealthy for a relationship, causing her to develop an eating problem; and she attributed the lack of eating to not taking care of herself properly, saying “I suffered from depression, situational depression.”

Currently, Thomas is involved in a legal battle to clear his name of sexual assault charges. He was arrested  back in September and charged with assault and battery in the second degree. During this time period, Ashley and Thomas continued to date, but the relationship had started to falter, and, according to Ashley, dating Thomas started to take a toll. The couple called it quits in May of 2019 and Thomas has since been kicked off Southern Charm. And, though Ashley did make a guest appearance in the new season claiming she wanted a second chance at a redemption story, it was obvious to fans that the rest of the cast wanted nothing to do with her.

Since the guest appearance, Ashley has moved back to her home state of California, so the Charmer’s will be happy to hear that they won’t have any more unwanted run-ins with Ashley. However, Kathryn is still cautious of newcomers to the group, as she is currently keeping her distance from Eliza Limehouse, a close friend of Thomas’s. In the meantime, fans will just have to keep an eye out for all the drama that is still to come.

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Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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