Spider-Man Comics Reveal Mysterio’s Best Trick is… His Death?

Warning: SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-man #24

Just in time for his cinematic debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel Comics has just killed Mysterio — again. Mysterio meets his gruesome end at the hands of the very same person who dragged him back from the dead and out of hell the last time, thanks to the new villain Kindred. Or so he would have you believe — because one thing you have to remember with Mysterio is nothing is ever as it appears.

Fans eager to see Jake Gyllenhaal’s version of Mysterio playing a hero in Spider-Man: Far from Home should know that the comic book version is anything but, meaning so readers will find it difficult to feel too bad for him. Mysterio has been held up at Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane after standing trial for his latest crimes, and as part of his sentence, he’s forced to attend psychiatric sessions. Considering Mysterio’s modus operandi, it is almost fitting how Mysterio meets his end. Always the showman, and wanting everyone to see him as a true legend, he is killed during one of these sessions… while reliving all his best, and worst moments.

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Along the way Mysterio a.k.a. Quentin Beck reminisces about the last time he died, taking his own life rather than accept defeat at the hands of Daredevil (in the “Guardian Devil’ story arc). Again: ever the showman. But the shadowy psychiatrist is not interested in how he last died, and instead wants to know about how he came back. Or more importantly who it was that brought him back. He wants to know the name Mysterio cried out, over and over again when he was first brought to Ravencroft. But Mysterio is terrified to utter the name.

The psychiatrist has his own theory about Mysterio’s resurrection. He believes it was all a hallucination–a side effect of years of Mysterio’s villainous activities finally taking a toll. But just as the doctor is making what he thinks is a breakthrough, the walls begin to crawl… and the new villain that has been teased since issue #1 appears, causing the doctor to bolt out the door. It has been previously implied that the one who brought Mysterio back from the dead years ago is this mysterious villain. This creepy crawly new figure seems to have some impressive and powerful abilities, with similar illusions to Mysterio, which can explain why everyone thinks he’s gone insane.

The mystery villain has also has been shown to have a history with many of Spider-Man’s rogues, and Peter Parker himself. Writer Nick Spencer continues to drop clues to who he truly is, but for now we have to settle for his calling card: Kindred. That is who kills Mysterio in the end, meaning the same villain who brought Mysterio back from the dead, has just sent him right back to Hell. And let’s just say the centipede-related villain chooses a pretty gruesome way to go…

It’s slowly been revealed that Mysterio planned his previous crime (an alien invasion illusion) to aid Kindred, laying groundwork of some kind to seemingly torture Spider-man, and begin to wear him down slowly. But Mysterio failed, meaning Kindred gave him a second chance. With Mysterio now at Ravencroft, did Kindred finally have enough? Or has this all been a plan to torment Mysterio… bringing him back from the dead only to kill him? The next issue reveals the truth: Mysterio did what he does best and pulled a fast one. It wasn’t Mysterio that Kindred killed, but in fact the psychiatrist who Mysterio brainwashed into thinking he actually was Mysterio. The master of illusion reprises his favorite psychiatrist role, Ludwig Rinehart and escaped Ravencroft. This begs the question: Was Mysterio just playing the part? Or was he self-diagnosing during those sessions, trying to make sense of the torment he has been suffering as of late?

This also reveals a possible escape route for Mysterio to continue on in the MCU in future films. Could even death not stop Mysterio, the master of illusion? Fans can only wait to see if he shall survive to live another day.

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is available now at your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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