Spider-Man: Far From Home Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Peter Parker and his friends from Spider-man: Far From Home have a lot in common with Harry Potter and his school mates. Especially in their most recent MCU adventure. These recent Spider-man films have placed a great deal of emphasis on the fact that Peter is a still a high school kid and allowed his classmates much more screen time than they’re accustomed to.

A proper ensemble piece, Far From Home sees Pete, best friend Ned, potential love interest MJ and an oddball group of students embarking on a European tour. The trip is derailed when Peter is recruited to help the mysterious Quentin Beck defeat a group of Elementals from destroying the world. A group of school kids saving the world, sound familiar?

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While the similarities between these two high school heroes and their friends may end there, it’s still fun to imagine which Hogwarts Houses the gang from Spider-Man might have been sorted into had they been born into a different franchise. Just like the Harry Potter crew, Peter Parker’s friends and enemies are a broad mix of personality types; each fitting in with a different house. Below is a look at which Hogwarts Houses they could belong to.


It should come as no surprise that Peter Parker, the hero himself, is a Gryffindor. People assigned to this house value courage above all else. Gryffindors are not always the biggest or strongest but they have the nerve to back up their beliefs. Peter Parker, despite his super strength and “peter tingle,” is still just a kid, often coming up against foes who out-do him in strength, size, and maturity.

Because of this, he is often the underdog in any given situation, but that doesn’t mean he gives up. In fact, Peter Parker will go to great lengths to protect those he loves and his own beliefs. A true Gryffindor at heart.


While not all iterations of Aunt May belong in the same Hogwarts House, Marissa Tomei’s interpretation is definitely a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs holds three key values above all else: Loyalty, patience, and hard work. Aunt May has all of these in spades.

Having to raise a teenage boy as a single parent is no mean feat, it takes true graft. Not only is she Peter’s sole parent, but May also works to keep the family afloat. In regards to patience, with Peter’s tendency to get involved in high jinks and danger, she must be incredibly tolerant and there’s no questioning her loyalty to Peter.


Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Zendaya’s portrayal of M.J. is her razor-sharp wit and intelligence. In Far From Home, she actually figured out Peter’s secret identity. An avid reader and always ready with a super-smart quip, M.J. also has a bit of a dark side, as seen by her obsession with black dahlias, her favorite flower “because of the murder.”

For these reasons, M.J. in these films is a Ravenclaw. This house values intelligence and wit above all else and M.J. is a great example of someone with both of those traits.


When it comes to loyalty, no one is more steadfast a friend and willing to help out when things turn south than Ned. Committed to his role as the ‘guy in the chair’ he’s almost put out when he discovers M.J. is also in on the secret.

Although he’s not especially brave nor intelligent, Ned puts his best foot forward to help Peter defeat some pretty nefarious foes. Because of his loyalty and sense of justice, Ned is a 100% Hufflepuff. He brings a lighthearted spirit to his and Pete’s adventures. Despite a whirlwind romance with Betty Brant distracting Ned, he was right back by Peter’s side when he was needed.


There are just too many comparisons possible between Flash and a certain platinum haired high school nemesis not to sort Flash into Slytherin. From a wealthy family, he is smug because of his station in life rather than his accomplishments.

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However, what truly makes Flash a Slytherin is his ambition and his desire to have status. Ambition is one of Slytherin’s key values and one that Flash definitely has. Even if his ambition is just to be a successful vlogger.


Betty Brant is depicted in these films as a presenter of the school’s news broadcast, a reference to her more traditional role at the Daily Bugle. As an aspiring reporter, Betty values the absorption and interpretation of knowledge, even if she’s yet to polish up her reporting skills.

However, this desire to learn and dissect information is very much a Ravenclaw trait and for this reason, Betty belongs in this house.


Brad is an interesting addition to the cast in Far From Home, not just competition for Peter in the race for M.J.’s attention, Brad, it turns out, is rather cunning. Much like a Slytherin, he uses his cunning and underhanded tactics to further his own ambitions. Using a compromising photo of Peter, for instance, in an attempt to win over M.J. is a particularly dastardly move.

Brad’s cunning also leads him to suspect Peter’s alternate identity, although thankfully his theory was rejected at large by his class. Because of his cunning and resourcefulness, no matter how underhanded, Brad is definitely a Slytherin.


No one has more patience than a high school teacher and Mr. Harrington has had to put up with a lot. Not just from his class, but also by the threat of his students being caught up in some massive otherworldly threats and super-heroics.

Somehow, in all of this, he manages to keep his cool. Mr. Harrington’s patience along with his sense of duty towards protecting his class and his loyalty to his students make him a Hufflepuff.


One of the major traits of a Gryffindor is bravery in the face of adversary, without a sense of ego or pride. Although Happy seems pretty content to lay back and stay uninvolved in trouble, if he is needed, his courage kicks into gear.

This is particularly noticeable during the drone battle in the Tower of London when Happy attempts to rescue a bunch of Peter’s classmate. He stands up for what he believes, even when Peter is doubting himself. For these reasons Happy is a Gryffindor.


Finally, no one is more strategic or cunning than the film’s villain, Quentin Beck. His plan is not only incredibly well thought out, but Beck is also incredibly creative, masterminding the entire operation, co-ordinating his team, and pulling off a pretty spectacular blind side.

Because of his intelligence and creativity, Quentin would be sorted into the house of Ravenclaw. Although one might suggest Slytherin is a better fit, Quentin’s plan involves strategy, ingenuity, theatrics, a long-term game plan, and sharp wit, which are all traits of Ravenclaws. It does seem fitting, though, that Quentin Beck’s Hogwarts House would be something of a mystery.

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