Spider-Verse Star Shameik Moore Wants to Play Live-Action Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star Shamelik Moore has shown interest in playing the live-action version of Miles Morales. Moore voices the character Miles Morales in Sony’s upcoming animated feature, which will focus on Morales discovering that there are several different dimensions with other Spider-People. As of right now, there are three Spider-Man film universes, only one of which officially includes Miles Morales.

Sony’s live-action Spider-Man films so far haven’t had any mention of Morales, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe hinted at the inclusion of the character in Spider-Man: Homecoming. First of all, Aaron Davis, played by Donald Glover makes an appearance in the film. Davis happens to be Miles’ uncle – who becomes the villain the Prowler in the comic books – but there was another Miles Morales easter egg in the movie. One fan found a red and black Spider-Man mask hiding in the end credits of the film. While Miles is clearly a big part of the animated Spider-Man films, it’s safe to assume he’ll show up in a live-action film at some point.

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While Moore’s Into the Spider-Verse will be starting it’s wide release tomorrow, MTV has revealed the actor is up for playing the live-action version of his character. When asked if he would want to play the live-action version of Miles Morales, Moore responded, “Most definitely. I definitely want to be the live action Miles Morales. I understand that he’s a young kid, but hopefully you know, they can play with time and put me in there. But I’m thankful for the opportunity. I would love to be fighting Venom as Miles, with Tom Hardy. You know what I mean? That would be great. I would love to play on screen with my favorite actor out right now”.

While Venom‘s mid-credits scene teased Venom 2 with the introduction of Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, the post-credits scene included a clip from Into the Spider-Verse. While this might tease that the live action and animated movies take place in the same multi-verse, it was likely just a way to get people interested in seeing Into the Spider-Verse. With that in mind, Into the Spider-Verse has been getting incredible reviews, so even if fans don’t get a live-action Miles Morales right away, they can expect to see him again in another animated Spider-Man movie.

Miles Morales was created seven years ago, first appearing in Ultimate Fallout #4, so compared to other decades-old Spidey-related characters, he’s still new. That being said, Miles Morales has become a fan-favorite in the past few years, and is likely to show up in a live-action movie sooner or later. Even though Moore isn’t as young as Miles Morales is supposed to be, he’s still only 23 years old. Likewise, Tom Holland is playing a high school version of Peter Parker in the MCU, yet he’s 22 years old. While there hasn’t been any casting information for a live-action Miles Morales, or even the confirmation of the character outside of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Moore shouldn’t be out of the running for the role just yet.

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