St. Elmo’s Fire: 1980s Brat Pack Movie Becoming TV Series

The 1980s Brat Pack movie St Elmo’s Fire is becoming a TV series. Long forgotten and at times overshadowed by more recognizable titles such as The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire was a viable success at the box office when it opened in 1985.

Today, though the film undoubtedly has its share of fans, the Joel Schumacher title has gone on to cult-like status, and remains one of the main focal points of the group of twenty-something 1980s-era actors known as The Brat Pack. Among the key figures in the Brat Pack were Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe. St. Elmo’s Fire spoke to a generation of young college graduates, who were facing the excess and confusion that encapsulated 1980s politics and society. Together, the film’s cast of characters spend ample amounts of time at their favorite college pub, St. Elmo’s, while dealing with the turmoil of post-college life.

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The film put a decidedly 1980s twist on the coming of age genre, and perhaps because of this it’s been ripe for a reboot for quite some time. Now, thanks to Deadline, we know that the concept is returning, but not as a new film. Instead, NBC will bring St. Elmo’s Fire back as a TV series from Sony and Emmy-nominated writer/producer, Josh Berman (Drop Dead Diva, The Blacklist). At present there’s no word on who will make up the cast or exactly when the series will start to air.

What’s known about this new incarnation of St Elmo’s Fire is that it won’t differ much from the original film. The current plan for the series is to once again follow the lives of recent college graduates as they learn to navigate the tricky road of adulthood during a time when life seems more challenging than ever before. Apparently, Sony TV has tried numerous times in the past to get a St. Elmo’s Fire TV series going, but until now, there hasn’t been much interest at networks such as ABC and E!. The concept remains a highly relatable one, which can easily be altered to speak to a new generation of people who are already facing the ups and downs of 21st century life.

Of course, the world has changed a great deal since the 1980s and in order to stand a chance at any success whatsoever, the St. Elmo’s Fire TV series will very much have to reflect that. The film focused solely on the lives of affluent young white people struggling with a world that was – despite their onscreen problems, very much open to them. Today’s college graduates will need to be represented realistically in the new TV series, and although this might seem an obvious statement to make, such costly mistakes can unfortunately still be very much a part of TV and film production.

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Source: Deadline

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