Star Wars: 10 Chewbacca Memes That Are Just Too Funny

Standing as tall as Darth Vader with a personality to match R2-D2, Chewbacca is an iconic character in the Star Wars franchise. Despite only being understood by a few characters, his presence looms large over the Skywalker saga, and in Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans finally got to see the origins of his famous team up with Han Solo, the rakish Corellian smuggler.

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Throughout the Star Wars films, his imposing height and formidable temper made him a fearsome warrior, but he also was responsible for some of their most emotionally tender moments, as well as their most comedic. Like all Wookiees, he’s incredibly loyal and brave, but there can only ever be one Chewie.


When Han first met Chewie, he was already over 200 years old. He’d fought during the Clone Wars when the Separatists invaded Kashyyyk, where he lived as a warrior prior to the Empire using Wookiees for slave labor. When he appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he didn’t look much different than when he appeared in the original trilogy of films.

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When he appeared in the Disney sequel trilogy, he hadn’t seemed to age at all, in sharp contrast to his best friend Han. The smuggler looked a little long in the tooth, even though he managed to retain his iconic swagger. The only downside of living so long is outliving all of your closest friends.


Chewbacca may be referred to as a “walking carpet” by Princess Leia, but if an infant-sized version of Yoda’s species can be considered “cute” in The Mandalorian, a Wookiee baby surely would merit the same feelings of adoration. Given that not much is known about Wookiee infants, perhaps it’s something Disney will expand on in the future.

So far, Star Wars fans have only ever been treated to one Wookiee youngling in The Clone Wars, and in the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978, Chewbacca’s son Lumpy was featured as an adolescent, but neither had the appeal of Baby Yoda.


If Chewbacca could have predicted the future in the Star Wars Universe, much of the plot of the Skywalker saga might not have ever happened. Imagine if he could have predicted what Kylo Ren would do to Han? Or his own fate in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

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Often Chewie’s commentary in the Star Wars films was used for comic relief, and even though fans couldn’t always understand him, characters’ reactions around him implied what he was communicating. Being a “fortune wookiee” might have earned him a little more respect.


Coveted as trophies, Wookiee pelts fetch a high price on the black market of the Star Wars Universe, sold by individuals who have killed a Wookiee to individuals who just want to appear as though they have. The bounty hunter Boba Fett notably wore several.

The shaggy coat of hair Wookiees are normally covered in comes in a range of shades that include black, brown, and grey. Since they can grow up to three meters in height, Wookiees like Chewbacca get the nickname “walking carpet”, but if they really like you, Wookiees will try to groom you as a sign of affection.


As 3PO memorably told R2-D2 in Star Wars, Wookiees are sore losers, and have been known to rip people’s arms out of their sockets when they’re provoked. Though they can be incredibly loyal and loving, they can also express themselves with a terrible temper.

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This adorable little dog, dressed up like Chewbacca complete with miniature bandoleer, doesn’t seem capable of anything so violent. The least we imagine he’d do is tug at the pant leg of a certain Corellian smuggler until he gave him a treat.


Only the Star Wars Holiday Special ever gave Star Wars fans an inside peek at Chewbacca’s domestic sphere, taking place on his home planet with his wife, grandfather, and son. Bath time with Chewie and his family would have been the least odd thing about that television event.

Many fans have speculated on what Chewie would look like shaved, and wet Chewie is a close approximation of having very little hair. Apparently, the mighty Wookiee would resemble a sloth, especially given its long, lanky arms and strangely humanoid appearance.


As the most famous Wookiee in the Star Wars Universe, Chewie is a decorated veteran of many conflicts and a loyal friend. He fought during the Clone Wars, he joined the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, and he fought against its successor, the First Order.

In his long years, Chewie has seen many important events in galactic history, and been a part of many of them. His warcry going into battle -which can be heard to the most robust extent in Return of the Jedi- struck fear into the hearts of even the most decorated Imperial soldier.


Chewbacca and Han Solo are one of the most iconic duos in cinema history, and even if Solo: A Star Wars Story was a divisive film, it was fun to see how they became such close friends in an origin story. It didn’t sadly feature Chewie being musically inclined.

Wookiees have been known to write ballads for Life Day, their annual celebration of gratitude, and they can appreciate different musical styling from around the galaxy. They’re more interested in cultivating their loyalty and courage as warriors.


Due to the nature of the original Star Wars trilogy, with its genre archetypes and general kid-friendly appeal, it’s easy to forget the obvious – Chewbacca spent the movies not wearing any clothes. The hair functioned as his skin, not as garments.

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Other naked creatures included Ewoks, who were originally intended to be Wookiees in Return of the Jedi, but budget constraints meant that the final battle had to take place over Endor and not the Wookiee world of Kashyyyk.


The Star Wars films would be very different from Chewie’s perspective, especially since no doubt he’d see himself as the hero of his own adventure. Instead of being a dashing smuggler, Han Solo would be his sidekick who simply grunted and spoke in weird animal noises.

The plots would have turned out a little differently, as Chewie often reprimanded Han for his decisions, like when Han decided to leave the Rebel Alliance after receiving his reward money for rescuing Princess Leia. In many ways, Han became a hero for the Rebel Alliance because of Chewie’s insistence.

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