Star Wars: 10 Fan Theories About The Rise Of Skywalker That Make More Sense Than The Movie

Undoubtedly the most controversial and divisive Star Wars trilogy, Disney’s sequel trilogy had some phenomenal moments, characters, and three very different films which each had their great parts. They did leave a lot to be desired, and to be answered though, perhaps no movie more so than The Rise Of Skywalker.

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Seemingly loved by a lot of fans, and hated by a lot of critics upon release, the movie is full of fun, but severely lacking in a lot of ways. The new Star Wars trilogy has seen more fan theories than ever before relating to the world’s biggest pop culture phenomenon, and some of them made a lot more sense than what is in The Rise Of Skywalker.


Of all the characters in the sequel trilogy that were left undeveloped with a plethora of unanswered questions, the Knights of Ren may well be the most frustrating. With so many opportunities to give them a story, the films never took one.

There were so many theories coming into every sequel trilogy film that would have made far more sense than what the film gives us. There was the theory that they were fallen Jedi from Luke’s academy, or specially trained Royal Guard-esque fighters, and loads more. Any of which would have been better, and more logical than the nothingness they were in The Rise Of Skywalker.


The Rise Of Skywalker sees a plethora of Jedi call out to Rey through the Force, giving her the strength to take on and destroy Palpatine. Voices like Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka Tano, and Yoda, to name a few.

None of them appear physically, though. Fans had long hoped and speculated the final installment of the Skywalker saga would see Force spirits appear, but we only see Luke and Leia. It is weird that they could not have just appeared, and had they been in physical form, there would be fewer questions, and it would have probably been better overall.


The identity of Rey’s parents has been a long-debated and speculated topic amongst the Star Wars fandom. Some thought she was a Kenobi, or a Skywalker, perhaps a Solo, or, correctly, a Palpatine.

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Rey being a Palpatine is not great, though, and leaves a lot not answered, as well as leaving the timeline looking murky. Had she been a clone, however, say of Luke’s hand from Bespin, it would have made more sense for her and would have also answered the mystery of how Maz have Anakin’s lightsaber.


The subject of the Jedi Order and what happens to them beyond this trilogy is one that went completely unanswered throughout the trilogy, with many hoping The Rise Of Skywalker would shed some light on it.

Instead, Rey just deemed herself a Skywalker. The better long term theory, though, was that she would create a new order of Jedi-esque Force users, updating the ancient ideologies, and creating a temple, naming the order after the Skywalkers.


Alongside Rey’s parents, the most prolonged and most rampant cause for fan speculation has been the identity of Snoke. There were so many theories about him, such as he was Mace Windu, Jar Jar, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or Palpatine himself. The prevailing opinion was that Palpatine created him in a lab.

One of, and arguably the best Snoke theory though is that Snoke was Palpatine’s master, Darth Plagueis, who had mastered death somehow. This would need some attention to work properly, but would have been so much better than the shoehorned artificial creation route Lucasfilm went.


In The Rise Of Skywalker Kylo, as many predicted, turns back to the Light and becomes Ben Solo once more, and it was amazing to see, if only we got more. A Dark Side Rey came via a vision but never came to be; she stayed on course. A great and popular theory was that Kylo would still turn to the Light Side, but likewise, Rey would turn to the Dark Side.

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This theory would not make more sense over Kylo’s redemption or Rey staying on the Light necessarily. But having this story play out, and as the theory says, seeing Rey come back to the Light Side would be tricky, far better, and more sensical than the lazy storytelling of finding a thing to find another thing to lead everyone to the thing they want.


The novelization of The Rise Of Skywalker appears to confirm that Palpatine in the film is a clone. This may not necessarily be the case as it seems as though it could be interpretative, but if it is true, there is a lot of questions to answer. A much better theory, and one that at this moment, makes far more sense than clones, is the use of transfer essence.

A lot of fans speculated about Matt Smith’s involvement in the movie (which never seemed to come to pass), with most assuming he would be a young Palpatine, a vessel in which Palpatine transferred his essence into an old famous power. It was also possible to transfer one’s essence into an object that, when worn or touched, would possess the user with the spirit of whoever’s essence got transferred.


Earlier, Force spirits got a mention, saying that them appearing in physical form would have been better and made more sense than just voices. That could all be sacrificed with no issue had there been an appearance from the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker.

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It had long been speculated Anakin would return in this film by way of Hayden Christensen. It is the last movie in the story of his lineage, and his life and death, his rise and fall. As an extension to that theory, Anakin would return and fulfill the prophecy once and for all, or at least with Rey’s help, by killing Palpatine.


The Plagueis theory about Snoke may well be the best Snoke theory, but its rival in quality, and its superior in logic and sense, is the theory that Snoke, is quite simply just Snoke. A new character with bundles of potential.

Snoke’s death was not an issue per sé, finding out he was nothing but a pawn in a game played by Palpatine, which itself has many gaps and questions was. Had there been a plan in place for Snoke, Palpatine’s return, or the role of antagonist through the trilogy in general, that could have worked. But, the better theory is that Snoke was just Snoke, not an already known character.


Continuing the theme of elaborate theories that are inferior to the most simple ones, it is unquestionable that the very best Rey theory, and the one that made the most sense in The Rise Of Skywalker, and in her overall arc, is that she was a nobody.

Rey’s entire arc sees her trying to find her self, her place in the Galaxy, and find out questions about her parents so she can feel important or deserving. She did not need to be a Palpatine, nor a Skywalker, Solo, or Kenobi. Rey being Rey was amazing enough. It held a powerful message, and made much more sense than being the daughter of what the novel has confirmed is a clone of Palpatine.

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