Star Wars: 5 Jedi Powers So Strong They Break The Lore (& 5 That Are Too Weak)

The Jedi Knights are generally agreed to be the coolest aspect of the Star Wars universe. They’re like samurais who can also move stuff with their minds. But their actual abilities are far deeper than that.

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The Jedi use something called ‘The Force’ to augment their mind and perform feats of incredible power. Or sometimes they use the force to do really stupid things that appear to provide bafflingly little actual advantage in combat. Here are some 10 examples of such force powers.

10 Strong: The Force Storm

The ability to create dark-side wormholes. Not only can these wormholes transport objects over vast distances in an instant, but they can also be used to destroy entire planet surfaces. Also once conjured, even their creator is barely able to control their path.

It takes a massive amount of power to create the force storm, which is why very few, immensely powerful force wielders like Emperor Palpatine were able to wield the power of the storm in battle.

9 Weak: Force Dizziness

Some Jedi can explode your body with a mere look. Others can cause you to simply feel dizzy and nauseous. The latter ability is not really useful for much unless you’re planning to make Darth Vader believe he’s eaten some bad shrimp before battling you.

Naturally, there’s never been much value shown for this ability in the storylines. Maybe there is a Jedi Knight somewhere who owns the world’s biggest rollercoaster which guarantees a feeling of nausea and dizziness to whoever rides it. But probably not.

8 Strong: Time Travel

Yes, time travel exists in Star Wars, and yes, its one of the abilities granted to you by the force. The ability to travel to any point in time in the past or future and interfere with the events of that timeline means you can basically do anything, ever, and completely change history to suit your whims.

This ability was taught to Jacen Solo by an order of monks who removed themselves from the light/dark dichotomy of the Jedi and the Sith. Really, there are no limits to what you can do to gain power or inflict damage with an ability like this one.

7 Weak: Tapas

The Jedi have the power to control their body heat so that they can elevate their temperatures in the coldest climates without any external aid. Now, the ability to keep you warm is a pretty useful quality in a new sweater or jacket. But there is something much less impressive about using the force to do so.

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After all, the folks who don’t have this ability are also able to survive on cold planets just fine. Furthermore, putting on a stylish coat or maybe a cape for colder climates would add some welcome variety to the Jedi uniforms.

6 Strong: Supernova

This is a power that can be used to literally rip the core of a star asunder, leading to the entire make-up of the star getting compromised and exploding into nothingness.

That’s right, you don’t need a death star if you are able to wield the power of the supernova. The conjuror of the supernova can also exert control over the core and hurl it into nearby star systems. Another one of the force powers that can very easily overwhelm the wielder.

5 Weak: Plant Surge

Jedis can make plants grow quicker. They cannot create plants out of nothingness or change the nature of the plant. But if you have a garden where the plants aren’t growing fast enough for your liking, you can call your local Jedi Knight to grow the heck out of your plants.

Think of it as the force version of Miracle-Gro. Now, we can’t help but wonder whether Vader secretly had a garden that he tended to by using the force.

4 Strong: Deadly Sight

Now for a more intimate, but no less ridiculously overpowered use of the force. Deadly sight is what happens when a force user gives someone the stink eye. At mild levels, it can cause discomfort or pain to the person on the receiving end of the gaze.

At it’s most powerful, Deadly Sight can absolutely destroy the victim, leaving nothing but a few bits and pieces of smoking enemy remains. This means a powerful enough Jedi knight doesn’t even have to be close by, holding a weapon, or even saying anything to be able to utterly destroy their target.

3 Weak: Force Smell

Exactly what the title suggests. Never try to fart in front of a Jedi and then pin the blame on the guy standing next to you, because the Jedi will focus all their force powers to determine who fouled the atmosphere moments ago.

This ability to smell really well seems more of an inconvenience than anything. Imagine the number of strange, distant planets full of unknown, unwelcome smells the Jedi visit regularly. Their super smelling ability must play havoc with their noses all the time.

2 Strong: Art Of The Small

This has the tiniest scope of all force powers; ironically, Art of the Small is also the one with the most immense ability to do damage. By focussing their force ability, a user can shrink down their spiritual presence in the force to the molecular level.

Once the user is that tiny, they can rearrange the force at the molecular level, meaning they can change the very fabric of reality. Art of the Small can be used to create completely new and unheard-of things, like when Vergere used this ability to alter her own body and gain new powers.

1 Weak: Force Bellow

Not all Jedi powers are about fighting or surviving in dangerous terrains. The force bellow is a solid ability to have if you are the leader of a particularly mutinous group or just the parent of rowdy children.

The force bellow allows you to shout loudly. Basically, Jedi should have no problem making their order heard in a busy restaurant or bar. Surely not an ability that neighbors of Jedi warriors appreciate when it’s two at night and Luke is having a heated debate with the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his apartment.

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